YAO YIKES makes his NBA debut

NEW YORK, NY – Well folks, if you were awaiting the second coming of Bill Walton, Shaq, Jabbar, Duncan or Chamberlain well…my advice to you all is: keep waiting. NEW YORK, NY – Well folks, if you were awaiting the second coming of Bill Walton, Shaq, Jabbar, Duncan or Chamberlain well…my advice to you all is: keep waiting. Houston Rocket center and the very first pick of last years draft Yao Ming is more like the second coming (sorry Mark Eaton) Shawn (stilts) Bradley. Hey, they’re both 7-feet-5 and possess er… possess…hmmm okay, they’re both tall, very tall.

The Rockets better be patient because Ming’s mechanics, footwork, framework, mindset and basketball strength and savvy, leave a lot to be desired. Sure, he does have skill. But, with Ming missing all but the last few preseason games because of his commitment to the Asian Games and World Games for the Chinese Governing body he is so far before everyone else, he’s not even a blip on the radar screen. That now makes me believe, he’ll probably get his career high against the New York Knicks when they meet for the first time December 27th at the Garden.

Every time I seen Glenn (Big Dog) Robinson light of the score board like a Christmas tree, I get ill. The Knicks could have had the delicious 6-foot-8 scorer and the 6-foot-11 for Latrell Sprewell over the summer. But, nooooooo, Scotty Layden would have of it? Sure, Robinson was alleged to have punched on his ex, which wasn’t nor isn’t a good thing at all. But, at least he admitted to it and is regretful and has vowed to move forward. Latrell, be honest with us, what or who did YOU punch?

The Lakers found themselves another gem in the late rounds and off the scrap heap. You tell me how many GMs aren’t kicking themselves (Layden are you listening) for not picking swingman, Kareem Rush out of Missouri who lasted until Toronto plucked him up at 20 or Jannero Pargo out of Arkansas who wasn’t even drafted. This Pargo guy has the onions to really make it big in the NBA. Once he learns what’s going on around him in the fullness of the game, he’ll be something. Rush, he’s just plain ol good to watch. He’s jumper is even prettier and deadlier than teammate Tracy Murray’s.

I see where All-everything Minnesota Timberwolf Kevin Garnett and teammate Wally Szczerbiak Kissed and made nicer over the summer. Does this mean that the T-wolves finally get passed the first round in the upcoming playoffs? Well, not without a bona fide point man to run the show. Sure off season find Troy Hudson can score in bunches but can he make plays? Wolves better hope recent acquisition Rod Strickland gets in game shape in a quick fast. And keep him away from Kirby Puckett!


November 7, 2002
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