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Innovator Jam Master Jay murdered

Once again the hip-hop community is in a state of shock. when one of the most prominent figures in hip-hop culture jam master jay born Jason mizell was killed in his Merrick Avenue studio in Jamaica, queens(nyc). Once again the hip-hop community is in a state of shock. when one of the most prominent figures in hip-hop culture jam master jay born Jason mizell was killed in his Merrick Avenue studio in Jamaica, queens(nyc). allegedly two assailants entered the queens studio and began firing gunshots hitting jay once in the head. another man,uriel rincon 25 was shot in the leg but in stable condition. details are very sketchy right now about the murder but new York City authorities claim to have a couple of suspects in question and have placed various associates of mizell under police protection.

Jam Master Jay, 37, was one third of the super group run dmc which was very influential in breaking hip-hop into a wider audience and is the first hip-hop group to have an LP go both gold and platinum, appear on major prime time shows like American bandstand and Saturday night live and the first in hip-hop to be endorsed by a major corporation (Adidas).

Though hip-hop was the called a subculture during the early eighties run dmc proved to be very assessable and were starred in movies such as krush groove (1985) tougher than leather (1988) and a cameo appearance in the late Ted demme (yo MTV raps) film “‘who’s the man” starring long time run dmc associates Ed lover and dr.dre.jam master jay went on to ink his own label jmj records which in turn introduced the world to artists like: ONYX,JAYO FELONY,FAM’LEE,AFRO’S,NEWKIRK AND 50 CENT just to name a few.

Hands down run dmc and jam master jay are solely responsible for the mainstream ROCK/RAP combination that influenced the likes of KID ROCK, THE BEASTIE BOYS, LIMP BIZQIT,ICE-T’S BODY COUNT AND PUBLIC ENEMY.the group was currently working on there eighth album and just finished a tour with KID ROCK and AEROSMITH the group they collaborated with in the mid-eighties to produce the ground breaking remake of “walk this way”.the group was set to perform at the NBA half-time show for the WASHINGTON WIZARDS on the day of jay’s death.

Jam Master Jay’s wake was met with adoring family and friends from the music industry and his queens neighborhood where he grew up. local residents were seen driving around the area playing classic run dmc tunes and “throwing up”the jay sign with their hands.

Jam Master Jay is survived by his wife and three children and will be buried at fern crest cemetery in hartsdale new York. Russell Simmons the def jam cofounder and brother of run (Joseph simmons) has started a jmj memorial fund to help out the family financially to me jmj was an icon i could relate too growing up and he showed me that the turntable was indeed an instrument of music he will be greatly missed.From Sadiq

Another tragic loss for our community. Jam Master Jay not only played a
major role in what is undeniably the most influential Hip Hop group ever but also helped define the role of the DJ. JMJ perfected the group DJ role with RUN DMC and there set the blueprint for all group DJ’s from then on. Not only did JMJ pioneer the DJ role but also produced and co produced numerous RUN DMC classics as well as other groups he had put on like ONYX. With all of this said I hope we do not forget the bigger picture and the more tragic loss in Jason Mizell the husband, the father, the brother, the son, the person and what is going on in society and our communities which fester this senseless violence. JMJ will be truly missed by the Hip Hop community but unfortunately these senseless losses are not foreign to our generation and whether it is a celebrity or the faceless, nameless cat on the block this will continue until we deal with the societal ills that allow some of us to devalue life to the point where killing another human being becomes easy.

KRS ONE dropped “Self Destruction” in 1989 and here we are almost in 2003
and it’s crazy how much things haven’t changed in 13 years. My prayers go

November 11, 2002
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