The 10:00 am wedding

So my wife Cheryl and I were invited to yet another wedding. Ah weddings…yah gotta love’em. It seems like when you get married all of a sudden everybody you know, and don’t know, invites you to their “things”. So my wife Cheryl and I were invited to yet another wedding. Ah weddings…yah gotta love’em. It seems like when you get married all of a sudden everybody you know, and don’t know, invites you to their “things”. At least once a week we get an invitation for somebody’s “thing”: engagement party, bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, baby birth, baby dedication, just bought a house/house warming, kid’s birthday party, kid’s school fundraiser, and so on and so on. I mean it never stops and with each invitation, it requires a gift, of course. Nice and expensive gifts might I add. One couple we know had the nerve to list a $25 garlic press on their Williams-Sonoma bridal registry.

“A garlic press. What is a garlic press?” I asked Cheryl.

“Oh it’s used for cooking but it doesn’t matter.”


“Because ***** doesn’t know how to cook in the first place,” she replied.

Thank goodness I’m not the one in charge of buying gifts. My literary manager recently got married in Las Vegas. Cheryl and I rented a car in LA, drove to Vegas, saw Siegfried & Roy, slept in, and did the whole room service thing. We had a great romantic weekend until she realized “I” forgot “our” wedding gift on the couch, back in LA! The conversation went something like this:

“Oh Ken, where’s the wedding gift?”

“What wedding gift?”

“Oh don’t tell me you forgot their wedding gift!”

“Why would I think to bring it? I didn’t even buy it. As a matter of fact I don’t even know what you bought them.”

Cheryl looked at me with chagrin as she ransacked our hotel room. “I thought you packed the gift in the trunk,” she said.


“Because I left it in front of the door for you to bring out to the car.”

“Why would I think to do that? I didn’t buy the wedding gift. As a matter of fact I don’t know what we bought them,” I told her.

“You know how I feel about people who show up at weddings without gifts.” All I could do is shrug and say, “Sorry.” My manager’s wedding was really nice and thank goodness we weren’t the only couple there that hadn’t brought a wedding gift.

Two weeks later I’m talking to my manager on the phone and he thanked Cheryl and I for the wedding gift. His wife was really excited about “the gift”.

“My wife really like the gift. Thanks,” my agent said.

“Oh great. I’m glad you liked it.” He paused for a moment.

“You don’t know what Cheryl bought us, do you?” I tried my best to remember but I turned up a blank.

“To be honest…I really don’t but I’m sure it’s really nice” I replied. We laughed our heads off. Then he admitted to me his wife does all the gift buying in the family, too. That made me feel better. FYI. Cheryl bought her Henckels professional knives $79.99. No wonder she loved them! I’d love a $80, 9 piece knife set, too!

So back to the 10 a.m. wedding. Yeah! 10 a.m. and on a Saturday at that. Isn’t that early? Plus it was in Orange County and everybody else lives in Los Angeles. That meant everybody invited had to get up around 8 a.m. to make the 45-minute drive to Anaheim, CA. Needless to say, we didn’t make it to the wedding, but we did make it to the reception. Cheryl had a sorority meeting plus after buying them a $50 wok I was determined to get my free chicken dinner.

Once we got there, we were seated with two newlywed couples and an engaged couple. For the entire afternoon we went around the table sharing stories as to how we met our spouses. We had a lot of good laughs. I found it very encouraging to see other young Black Christian couples like Cheryl and I that believe in marriage. They were putting in the work on the daily and I respect that. Once it was over our wives exchanged email and phone numbers and hopefully we all will get t

February 3, 2003
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