CVB diversifies business interests

Society has stigmatized African American men. Statistics place them in prison or dead, before the ripe age of twenty-five. Their brilliance, talents, and strength, are continually… Society has stigmatized African American men. Statistics place them in prison or dead, before the ripe age of twenty-five. Their brilliance, talents, and strength, are continually downplayed. Troy Vaughn and Kendall Coleman, President and CEO (respectively) of CVB Enterprises, have beat the odds. Vaughn, (Detroit native) and Coleman, (Minneapolis native), married their skills in general contracting, landscaping, home building, and roofing. Their slogan, "We Do It All", is a literal statement describing the company's many ventures. In 1995, CVB started as a general contracting company. CVB General Contracting, now CVB Enterprises, expanded to include CVB Men's Knit Collection and The Jason P.Wallace Foundation for youth and community outreach.

CVB Men's Knit Collection is soaring with a custom fit sweater collection for men. The hand-stitched sweaters are made of yarns from around the world. The special packaging of the sweaters is a gift within a gift. Sweaters are neatly packed in a hand carved wooden box, with a hemp handle, and bearing the CVB logo. Additionally, the sweaters are wash and wear. Coleman believes there is longevity in their product. "Because our sweaters are hand made by our own knitter here in America, with yarns that we hand pick, we have created sweaters that we believe will be in demand in a very short amount of time."

February 6, 2003, the sweaters were modeled in the Fashionably Loud Celebrity All Star Fashion Show, in Atlanta Georgia. This occurred during the NBA All Star Weekend. The sweaters are receiving high profile exposure. Yet, the designers are committed to making them accessible to all men. "You're not dealing with $350 to $400 sweaters. They are made with good materials. They are made with different blends of acrylic, small amounts of lycra. Good wool and cashmere blends with top of the line yarn. [The Sweaters] are going to hold their figure, and they won't be ruined for throwing them into the washing machine. You get a classy look without spending all that money." Vaughn and Coleman are against the average sizing of small, medium, large and extra large. "We can make extra, extra, extra large, and it’s still not going to fit that person right. He might be a big dude, and his chest might be big and his waist and stomach are small. So the [sweaters are] all personalized. We are giving people a sense of style that they haven't had before." Vaughn said they envision their clients sitting in the designer’s seat. "Our goal in the next year is for clients to design their own sweaters, and we just make it."

Vaughn and Coleman give back to the community by supporting youth in the Jason P. Wallace Foundation. Wallace, a friend of Kendall Coleman, was murdered at a young age. Wallace is remembered most for his charitable spirit witnessed by family and friends. In efforts to empower youth in life and learning, the J. P. Wallace Athletic Program, sponsors and manages youth athletic teams and tutoring programs. Also, educational scholarships are provided. Vaughn and Coleman are determined to rescue youth from the ills of society before it's too late. They want to teach them, there is more to life than the falsified glamour of videos. And, they don't have to struggle to survive. Vaughn said, "We don't ever have anything for our kids except 'bills'. And we wonder why we're always struggling."

Other ventures for CVB include music production, poetry, a magazine publication, and much more. Currently, t-shirts are in production, with the slogan "God is good all the time. All the time God is good." Contact CVB Enterprises via phone 1-800-CVB-0175 or e-mail, Contact the Jason P. Wallace Foundation via phone, (612) 588-2322.

April 1, 2003
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