Suzanne Fuller, PACE launch Lou Fuller Fund with blueprint for health mobilization and marketing Building on Lou Fuller’s disparities reduction vision and work – Part 2

The principles are:

Self discipline

It is imperative that members of the community exercise self-control… The principles are:

Self discipline

It is imperative that members of the community exercise self-control and discipline to improve their mental, physical and Spiritual health.

Community health promotion plan

Most of us have developed business and financial plans for our organizations or companies. It is my belief that each community should develop its own Community Health Promotion Plan to address the leading health indicators most impacted in the community in order to promote healthier lifestyles among racial and ethnic groups. The Community

Health Promotion Plan would include the following:

* The first strategy is to establish a Minority Health Month with yearlong activities or check points.

* The Second Strategy is to request Governor Pawlenty to issue a proclamation encouraging all health organizations in Minnesota to host activities to promote health and wellness in minority communities; and calling upon the people of Minnesota to observe such a month by participating in the programs and activities

The Third Strategy is for the State Health Commissioner to: make information available to the public on a quarterly basis through various mediums (Health Report Card). This includes: Report on the status of the health problems currently facing minority populations and a report on the careers and contributions of minority health professionals in this area. In addition, mass media advertisements on health promotion and disease statistics among minorities in the community should be made available.

A fourth strategy is to increase the minority representation in the health care profession, especially in management and leadership roles. Never is it more urgently needed then in the field of nursing.

A fifth strategy is to advocate for greater federal and state appropriations for activities directed toward promoting the health of minorities in the US, state and/or community, particularly health research and organizational capacity building.

A sixth and final strategy is to target health promotion and disease prevention initiatives that are culturally sensitive to minority populations.

Organizational capacity building

This is one of the most critical issues facing many communities around the country. Many organizations are not equipped to handle the administrative and financial requirements to secure and maintain federal, and in some cases, state and foundation funding. Communities should conduct an organizational needs assessment and determine where the gaps exist. Upon completion of the assessment, it may be necessary for organizations to make basic changes like add development staff to major changes like merge with another organization in order to gain greater efficiencies and effectiveness at delivering services to the broader community. This will require the community to challenge the status quo and the courage to empower itself to own this process.

Policy analysis and development

In efforts to improve the health status of racial and ethnic populations, we must direct greater attention and resources to the full spectrum of factors affecting health. Thus, we must better understand the effects of health policy on minorities’ health status. The community must be willing to:

* Discuss health issues with its political and health leadership.

* Vigorously advocate for health issues that most impact the minority community

* Stand up and speak out when necessary

* Provide solutions and work collaboratively with all entities working to address health disparities

* Support the ethnic media reporting on health disparities –financial support is key; telling it from the community perspective is also key.

As a major component of this policy analysis and development is the establishment of a Policy Institute, which is

July 14, 2003
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