Knowing and believing Kobe?

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -First and foremost let me start by stating that I am not a Kobe Bryant fan. I like his professionalism as an athlete and the way he has carried… SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -First and foremost let me start by stating that I am not a Kobe Bryant fan. I like his professionalism as an athlete and the way he has carried himself since he entered the NBA as an 18 year old kid. Anytime I hear of an athlete being accused of a crime I ask myself and others, what was that particular athlete thinking, in this case it just happens to be Kobe. The usual answer is man I don’t know.

The bottom line is we are talking about Kobe. This man has been well traveled since birth and you mean to tell me that of all the women he’s encountered and the places he has been, he chooses Colorado, Colorado, of all places to lose focus and allegedly sexually assault a 19 year old female. Come on give me a break, Kobe?

The victim made her claims and left to go on “vacation”? The Sheriff said he was concerned over the amount of attention Kobe was getting and the lack of attention the victim was receiving. The only attention she would receive is media. Therefore why didn’t the Sheriff encourage her to stay and deal with the media if he wanted her to receive some attention? Maybe perhaps because she felt uncomfortable with how all this was going to evolve. Beyond her vacation, there are other points that have me questioning the whole thing.

What is an employee of the Lodge doing in a guest room? Typically hotel policy prohibits or at least strongly discourages employees from entering a hotel guest’s room. Maybe this rule doesn’t exist in the Lodge & Spa at Cordillera. I asked the Lodge & Spa at Cordillera manager Gabe, (he declined to give his last name) if he could give me the hotel policy on employees going to guest rooms, his answer, “no comment”. If she was summoned to his room for a particular reason as some reports claim why didn’t a male employee escort her? Where was the duty manager, bellhop or someone other than a 19-year-old female? If the resort does have the rule in place and the young lady was off-duty then she had no business being there or did she? Perhaps she and Kobe had met before, another time or place, and she felt comfortable going into the room? Perhaps she had other intentions?

The majority of sports writers have taken a 50-50 approach until they receive more facts. In article’s by John Donovan and Phil Taylor, both of, they focus and question the possibilities of Bryant’s financial status and public image if charged. Not once in their respected articles did they state what they believe? Either you believe Kobe or you don’t, no 50-50 business.

"Kobe is innocent," Bryant's Denver-based lawyer, Pamela Mackey, told the Los Angeles Times. Finally, someone that has the nerve to say it publicly, "Kobe is innocent.” The NBA did not say it, the Lakers organization did not say it, and Nike did not say it. Are these people taking a wait and see look before backing their boy?

Sometimes lawyers have a way of convincing clients to payout and get it all over with. I would be very disappointed to see Kobe pay money to have this nightmare go away. When a male is accused of sexual assault and he knows (not believes) he is innocent, he should never have to pay to make the problem go away. I don’t know if Kobe assaulted the young lady but if he did he should be punished. I may be taking the wrong stand but I believe he is innocent, do you?

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August 4, 2003
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