Blackonomics: Hypocrites that gave Grasso $140 million run the country

"An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour; but through knowledge shall the just be delivered." —Proverbs 11:9

As I always say, every issue we find ourselves dealing with in this country,… "An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour; but through knowledge shall the just be delivered." —Proverbs 11:9

As I always say, every issue we find ourselves dealing with in this country, and probably around the world, has some connection to economics, which makes me wonder why we still don’t get it. Is it that we don’t want to know certain things because that would actually cause us to have to do some work? Is it because it’s just too uncomfortable to face the truth about crooked politicians and corporate thieves? Are we mimicking Nero, as our country—and the world—is destroyed right before our eyes as we fiddle around? I don’t know about you, but I refuse to stand idly by, saying and doing absolutely nothing to help change our direction.

Admittedly, I am not a celebrity-opinion leader; I am not an affluent corporate leader; I am not a person seeking some high status in life; and I am not some muckitymuck who only pontificates and never gets involved in the work of helping others. But, I am a man, a man who will not and cannot go quietly into the night, fading away as if I were never here on this earth and did nothing to make it better.

In my walk everyday, although I stumble sometimes, I do whatever I can, within my simple sphere of influence, to make a positive difference in the lives of others by sharing information and knowledge through this column and in the classes I teach. Most important to me, as I find myself on the national stage via radio, speaking engagements, and newspapers across this country, is that I have a conscience that will not allow me to mistreat my brother or sister, and I have a consciousness that pushes me to contribute to our economic uplift.

It’s too bad we do not have more political leaders, from the president on down, who are just as concerned about the welfare of their fellow man as they are about filling their pockets with billions of dollars in ill-gotten wealth. It’s too bad we don’t have political leaders who will not sacrifice the lives of young men and women for profit, pretending they hold these young people in high esteem but leaving them abandoned and neglected when they come home from war.

It’s too bad we don’t have more corporate leaders who care enough about the state of our country, its citizens and our children, to stop stealing money, to stop their utter greed, and their ridiculous lust for "things" at any cost. It’s too bad, as we have watched several tycoons get hauled off to prison for bilking their customers and employees, that what we saw was just the proverbial tip of the corporate scandal iceberg. It’s too bad that we can sit back and watch these things only to think that as long as we "get ours" everything is all right.

A few examples of the hypocrisy and thievery that seems to pervade this country include the recent case of Vanessa Turner, a 41-year-old army sergeant who suffered an allergic reaction during her tour of duty in Iraq. It put her into in coma and caused nerve damage to one of her legs. This mother of a teenage daughter came home to the bureaucracy of our ineffective and inefficient veterans’ hospital system, homeless and having to sleep on her friends’ floors and couches. While George Bush says "bring ‘em on" Turner can’t find affordable housing nor get the proper help she needs as one who served her country under this cowboy of a president we have. He’s safe and sound and well taken care of, having never served in a military conflict, not to mention a war, while Sgt. Turner and her daughter have no place to live.

How about Dick Cheney and his so-called "no financial ties with Halliburton" mantra? This guy has a job that pays him around $200,000 per year, which he doesn’t have to spend because all of his expenses are taken care of by "the people." In add

September 29, 2003
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