Five ways to freshen up your home

(NAPSI)- By the end of this year, nearly 50 million homeowners will have spend $214 billion toward more than 100 million domestic remodeling projects, according to the latest statistics from the Joint Center… (NAPSI)- By the end of this year, nearly 50 million homeowners will have spend $214 billion toward more than 100 million domestic remodeling projects, according to the latest statistics from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University. Beautifying the bedroom, however, doesn’t necessarily mean homeowners have to break the bank or their backs.

New tools are helping do-it-yourselfers save time and money when decorating. Homeowners are tackling the redesign of their homes using creative remodeling techniques to add flair and personality to their decor. If you are searching for some quick and easy ways to add some style to your surroundings this season, here are five simple projects that can give your home a facelift in no time.

Paint a pattern: Faux painting techniques are one of the easiest ways to completely change the look of a room. Bold and earthy colors are the trend this season, with designs such as wide stripes and multi-colored walls gaining popularity. Paint retailers are also offering paints with special finishes like suede and sand. If you are going to paint, save time up front by preparing yourself for the project, doing proper research and investing in the right tools. You should use a good painter’s tape to ensure a clean and professional edge. You can also reduce the amount of time you spend taping by using a product like Duck® brand Quick Corners® masking tape corners. These pre-shaped corners fit perfectly into the corners along wall edges, windows and baseboards, making it easier to mask off and protect these challenging areas (

Turn ordinary into ornamental: You don’t need to spend lots of money to fill up your walls. Sometimes, the most interesting and unique wall decoration comes in the form of regular household objects. Hang items such as hubcaps, rugs, or even old windowpanes to add an extra spark to a boy’s room, a southwestern living room, or a contemporary dining room. In many cases, you can find these items at flea markets for minimal prices.

Tile old tabletops: If you have a drab table that is screaming to be refinished, create a different look by adding a tiled surface. From mosaics to square patterns, there are tile patterns that can complement any room style. For an assortment of tiled-table projects, visit (

Divide and conquer: Create your own room divider to separate interior spaces and add privacy, hide clutter or add a focal point. Paint two folding closet doors to match your décor and then attach them to each other with hinges to create a customized floor screen! Use stencils or glue on decorative pieces such as fringe or beads for added accents.

Restore your door: Welcome guests into your home with a brand new entryway, by adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door. Use a contrasting but complementary color to draw out the door, and it can brighten the entire facade of your home. If your door has a window, you can add a personalized touch by recreating the look of stained glass with products available in many craft stores.

Use these ideas, or your own imagination, to create an interior style that brightens up your home, without lightening your pockets.


October 4, 2004
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