Testimony: Justice Tyree Walton hopes for surgical miracle

My son, Justice Tyree Walton, was born October 14, 1996. He was severely injured on June 13, 2006. Before he was injured he was a very happy little boy.
My son, Justice Tyree Walton, was born October 14, 1996. He was severely injured on June 13, 2006. Before he was injured he was a very happy little boy. He loved to sing and dance. When he was seven years old, he was featured on the front page of the December 29, 2002 issue of the Minneapolis StarTribune newspaper, performing with the Apple Valley High School Dance Team “Infinity”.
Justice attends Cedar Park Elementary School, and is a very good student.
On June 13, 2006, my son was severely injured while riding his bike. He fell off his bike, and the handlebars turned and hit him in his throat. It cut his voice box in two different places and crushed the top part of his windpipe. My son was able to come around a big four-bedroom house, walk up six steps, and down the hall to my bedroom to let me know that he was hurt.
When I looked at him, he fell up against my bedroom door like he had done so many times before. Usually, he would say “Got Ya!” Only this time, he could not speak or breathe. I jumped up and grabbed him and put my hand in his mouth because I thought he was choking on something. All his food started coming up and then blood, my son was bleeding and I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was dying right before my eyes, and I couldn’t do anything!
I called 9-1-1, and the police and firemen arrived before the ambulance. It was like I knew my son was leaving me, so I began to pray and call upon the Lord. The ambulance came and I just knew that they were going to bring my son out of the house covered up; but God had better plans. They took my son to Fairview Ridges Hospital. There they put a breathing tube down his throat and two tubes into each of his lungs. They then airlifted him to Hennepin County Medical Center. Before I arrived at HCMC, I called everyone I knew who knew how to pray. Then I called out to my father who passed away three years ago to be my son’s Guardian Angel. By the time my oldest son, Cody and I arrived at HCMC, my baby boy was in ICU with IV’s in his chest and in both of his arms. He had approximately 20 bags hanging on him and his neck was swollen.
When Justice woke up after days in a coma, he couldn’t speak; but he could write. He wrote that he had died and went to Heaven where my father stood by his side, and that he wasn’t afraid. He said that my father took him to God, and God said to him, “Justice, you go home, it is not your time. You go home to mommy”. He said, my dad told him, “Bye Justice, I’ll see you later”. I know in my heart that this is true because on June 20th, every other day, there were starting to remove the IV’s and tubes from his little body. They had to give him a tracheotomy to help him to breathe. I did not leave my son the entire time he was in the hospital. My son Cody and I were constantly by Justice’s bedside. They gave me a bed in a room to sleep, but when the IV’s were removed, I carefully climbed into bed along side my son and took catnaps in between assisting the hospital staff in caring for his wounds and suctioning his breathing tube. I took a crash course in nursing, and after 15 days, my son was released from HCMC on June 28th; however his difficulties will continue for years to come. The trachea is still in his throat because he cannot breathe on his own.
My son had very good doctors at HCMC. Dr. Hirchman and everyone wonderful, and they were amazed at his recovery. The Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctors decided that my son needed to see a specialist, Dr. Rimell. When he looked down my son’s nose and his throat, he decided to let his colleague, Dr. Sidman at the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital take a look at my son. Dr. Sidman was amazed that there was no neurological damage done to my son’s brain due to lack of oxygen.
I took Justice to see the people who helped us and gave them a thank you card. The Police, Firemen, and Emergency personne

December 1, 2006
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