(Mr. T’s Sports Report) A whole lot of golfin’ goin’ on

The Tiger Woods Effect is in full swing.  Everybody is playing golf. On top of the many local, older and younger, faces and events that are dominating the golf scene, we have a big punctuation to this year’s golf season when Tiger Woods comes to town for the final major championship of the professional golfing year.  The PGA Championship is that event, and it will be held at the acclaimed Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota during the week of August 10-16 this year.

The PGA Championship is the fourth of four major championship tournaments of the professional golf year.  The PGA Championship does not have quite the history and pageantry of the other three large events –The Masters in Augusta, GA (the only event that does not rotate venues) The U.S. Open, and the British Open.  But to our benefit, the PGA Championship is the most fan-friendly major golf event of the year.  If you have ever thought of going to one of those big golf events you see on television, then I wouldn’t miss this chance.

Considering that there is only one person in this world who has actually mastered golf, we will start off talking about him.  Tiger Woods…Nevermind, I’ve written enough about Tiger Woods.  Look in the Archives at (Lol).  He’s great.  He’s the bomb, and he is coming to a course near you.

I am a terrible fortuneteller in sports, but it seems to me that Tiger is about to be very Tigerish for the remainder of this golf season, and that is must see stuff.  I mean, the man was hurt for about a year and itiching to come back on the circuit and kick some butt on the course.  When you find the sport that is really for you, as golf is for him and track is for me, you get pretty addicted to finding out how much you can really win and for how long.  Wouldn’t want to waste any butt kickings. Note: Kicking butt in sports is fun (tell a child today…if I see one more empty basketball court I’m gonna explode!).  Anyway, watch Tiger Woods. I think he’s going to lose his mind up in here (in a good way).

Ok, so back to the youth.  Though I certainly need to do more in depth reporting on them, the Fairway Foundation is obviously up to its usual great tricks.  The fact that their tricks teach children the sport of golf and its application towards an overall successful life makes them just the magicians you want to have perform with your child.  They recently held their major Fairway Foundation Scholarship Fundraiser Tournament at Prestwick Golf Club in Woodberry.  During the brief second I stopped by what I certainly saw was an extensive network and potent mixture of great people in the community.  Golf is an international sport, and has an aura of class about it like no other.  That is obviously a great mix of elements to present to a child, and I would encourage looking at the website:

Other than that, everybody is golfing.  If you keep up with (or can keep up with) Q-Bear of KMOJ, then you’re quite aware of his golfing exploits.  Other brothers and sisters who work in those stiff office environments have a natural magnet drawing them to the golf course as well.  There really is no greater medicine for the “Office Wall Prison Blues” than a cool stroll in the park (which is what a golf course basically is) with a little bit of exercise to boot.  Most certainly the golf course is a sanctuary for trash talking, which is always fun if you ask me. And when it comes down to it, who doesn’t want to swing a metal club and whack the mess out of a little hard ball?  Naturally one of the keys to the game is to not try and swing too hard.  That’s a hard lesson to learn of testosterone laden men, so take that tip and I just saved you the purchase of a lot of extra balls and possible tossing of your golf club in the nearest lake.  You can learn a lot from a dummy, and you and the kids can get a lot out of golf. Next rounds on you.

July 2, 2009
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