Business leadership profile: Dr. Tara Watson

 dr-watsonSince 2003, Watson Chiropractic has been specializing in chiropractic holistic healthcare with an emphasis in rehabilitative care, most commonly sports, car, and work-related related injuries. Dr. Tara Watson, owner of Watson’s Chiropractic, became interested in rehab care through her experience as a Division One college athlete at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. 

On Opening a Business in North Minneapolis
“North Minneapolis is a diamond in the ruff; it is a hidden secret,” Dr. Watson described her experience, “Once this community believes in you they will support you and your business.  A presence in the community, willingness to work, and the commitment to stay goes along way in North.  When there is a need for a particular service or product, the community will support you once it’s known that you are committed.”

While studying to become a chiropractor, Dr. Watson had an opportunity to intern with at a chiropractic clinic in North Minneapolis.  When asked to return for her residency she did so eagerly, saying, “I felt like I could relate to the people and many were underserved.  There was the need for outreach, education and acting as a liaison with primary care and specialty doctors.” 

Dr. Watson was offered several positions on the east coast but decided her best opportunity was in North Minneapolis. After working for a year at the office in which she had her internship, Dr. Watson started her own practice. She wanted to make sure the community was being properly educated around healthcare, “I found that people were using the ER for primary care so there was a need for health care, wellness care, education about healthier lifestyles. I jumped in and the rest is history.”  These gaps also led Dr. Watson to open a home health care agency. Dr. Watson now employs over 40 individuals between the two businesses.  Her drive to make the community a healthier place while being a successful female minority owned business is truly inspirational. 

On Expanding

In the next five years, Watson’s Chiropractic will expand their services and add additional doctors to the practice. Dr. Watson is a problem solver, a doer when it comes to business and community needs.   In addition to maintaining the home health care agency, Watson also intends “to launch an exciting and much needed service into the community.” Venture details aren’t public just yet but Watson did disclose this about the new business, “God and the community willing, it will help to change the tone of the avenue and provide individuals with some much needed change.” 

On Paying it Forward

“I am also becoming very active in the community; learning as much as I can to do my part as an individual, to give back and help facilitate change.”  Watson intends to join some of the organizations that are creating positive change and have assisted her in the past. “This is what I am calling my ‘paying forward,’” said Watson, “it takes a village to raise a child” and that belief has spilled over into her style of thinking, living, learning, and teaching. 

On Becoming an Entrepreneur

“Once I realized the worst thing that can happen is failure, the entrepreneur was born,” exclaimed Watson. She meets adversity head on and refuses to be a victim. “I turn locked doors into opportunities. Regardless, my journey in no way has been easy and it certainly does not get easier, it continually takes different turns.” Watson described being fired from a job with no income while expecting a child and paying a mortgage and bills. “I turned that challenge into starting my own practice without a single client.  I rented space for six months to try to build my client-base.  Then I purchased equipment on credit, rented a space, qualified for a small loan, once the business was open the rest has been character building.”  Watson’s building was extensively damaged by the tornado that hit North Minneapolis on May 21st, 2011. By early June Dr. Watson had rented a temporary space to service her clients and by August her clinic was back in full operation.

On Work Ethic and Role Models
“My inspirations and role models change as I grow and change but I watched my mom go to work everyday and not get real help for us from anyone.  We stuck together, learned together and as she did better we did better,” Watson described her inspirations.  Jesus Christ, parents, coaches, mentors, and friends helped to shape Watson’s strong work ethic. “My humble beginnings made me dream, aspire, work hard, and appreciate.  I knew that no one was going to give me anything.” She grew up in a single parent household with little means and yet, two extremely hardworking and supportive parents.  “My parents are two of my biggest cheerleaders, they get so nervous and scared for me, not because they doubt me but they want the best and nothing but success for me.”  

Watson’s Chiropractic serves North Minneapolis and the greater Metropolitan Area. The office is located on near the intersection of Penn on West Broadway Ave. North. They are accepting new clients and accept several types of insurance. Call and make an appointment today.

Business Name: Watson Chiropractic
Business Owner: Tara Watson
Location: 2110 W. Broadway Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55411
Phone: (612) 521-1386
Hours of operation: 9:30am-6:30pm

January 28, 2012
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