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What You May Have Missed…

NBC News: Romney offers policy details at closed-door fundraiser
“Mitt Romney went well beyond his standard stump speech at a closed-door fundraiser on Sunday evening, and offered some of the most specific details to date about the policies he would pursue if elected.  In a speech to donors in the backyard of a private home here, the former Massachusetts governor and presumptive GOP presidential nominee outlined his plans to potentially eliminate or consolidate federal agencies, win back Latino voters and reform the nation’s tax code.  And even Ann Romney, the subject of a national debate last week over the role of women in the workplace, was more direct than usual. She sounded like a political tactician when she described a Democratic consultant’s criticism of her decision to be a stay-at-home mom as ‘an early birthday gift.’  Romney went into a level of detail not usually seen by the public in the speech, which was overheard by reporters on a sidewalk below. One possibility floated by Romney included the elimination of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Cabinet-level agency once led by Romney’s father, George.” Boston Globe: Romney’s real problem with women
“Mitt Romney’s real battle for female support is proving that his word is good. Based on his Bay State record, it’s hard to trust him. Massachusetts is where Romney first showed his appetite for running over any candidate who stands between him and political office. Here, it happened to be women.  When Romney decided to run against Ted Kennedy in 1994, Republican Janet Jeghelian, a former talk radio host, was in the race. Once Romney jumped in, he and the state GOP kept her off the primary ballot.  Jeghelian wasn’t a strong candidate, but she was a prescient one. After she was forced out, she predicted he would waffle on abortion rights. It took awhile, but he did…  But what Romney did on a core issue like abortion rights is wrong. While running for governor, Romney responded to a candidate survey with this statement: ‘I respect and will protect a woman’s right to choose. This choice is a deeply personal one. Women should be free to choose based on their own beliefs, not mine and not the government’s.’  His switch to abortion foe allegedly occurred during the Massachusetts debate over stem-cell research. It also coincided with his decision to make his first run for president. No longer worried about winning Massachusetts votes, Romney was free to flip. Is he there to stay? Abortion opponents should question his fealty; the other side already knows he is not trustworthy.”

TPM: Top Romney Adviser Defends Promise To Cut Funding For Planned Parenthood
“Top Romney adviser Ed Gillespie defended the candidate’s promise to cut federal funding of Planned Parenthood if elected president on Fox News Sunday. ‘It’s not fair to say that not having federal funding for Planned Parenthood is defunding Planned Parenthood,’ Gillespie said… In January 2011, the New York Times reported that Planned Parenthood receives over one-third of its budget from federal, state, and local government.”

What You Shouldn’t Miss…

Politico: Messina: Anonymous donors ‘number one threat’ to Obama
“The Obama campaign fundraising operation is asking supporters for donations to counter an anonymous $10 million donation to the GOP super PAC American Crossroads. ‘This is cynical stuff — a cold-blooded attempt to withhold from the public the names of the billionaires and corporations who are trying to buy our government. But we’ve got 1.8 million people so far who have stood up to be counted in support of President Obama,’ Obama Campaign Manager Jim  Messina wrote in an email to supporters. ‘This new system of unlimited, anonymous giving is the number one threat to President Obama staying in office,’ Messina wrote.”

LA Times: Geithner calls Romney claim of female job losses ‘ridiculous’
“Top Obama administration aides pushed back Sunday against a charge by Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney that women have suffered the brunt of the weak economy during the president’s tenure. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner called Romney’s claim that women have accounted for 92% of the jobs lost since Obama took office ‘ridiculous and very misleading.’ ‘It’s a meaningless way to look at the basic contours of the economy,’ Geithner told Bob Schieffer on CBS’ ‘Face the Nation,’ adding that male-dominated industries such as construction and manufacturing were drained of jobs when the recession began under President George W. Bush. ‘It’s just a political moment,’ he said of Romney’s comments. ‘You know there’s the quality of political debate, you know, about economic policy is really terrible. It’s not surprising given it’s a campaign, but we have to govern in facts and, you know, the debate we should be having is, again, what’s the right policies to make the economy stronger?  Politifact, a nonpartisan fact check organization, has rated Romney’s claim that 92% of job losses have hit women as ‘mostly false.’”

April 16, 2012
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