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Tuan X giving more than just music

tuan xHip-hop artist and philanthropist Tuan X is spreading his infectious brand of hip-hop music via summer tour aptly titled The Blackman Tour.

The Blackman Tour speaks to the lyrical purging of this burgeoning artist’s past, pain and darkness, while cruising on a personal journey towards light and opportunity. Boasting a presentation equipped with a cunning lyrical style, coupled with vocal ingenuity, this in demand indie artist is making waves up and down the east coast. He’s currently gearing up to make stops at an array of venues spread out from New York to Washington, D.C. and beyond.

“The Blackman Tour is my release. The shedding of my past, my pain, my darkness, sharing it and allowing in the light of my present and beginning the unrelenting and unwavering focus on my future,” said Tuan X.
The Brooklyn native is definitely not your everyday rapper, which makes him a refreshing delight to any eardrum. His music is a tasty stew of conscious hip-hop, kissed with quaint storylines of love, lust, freedom and fearlessness.

tuan x 2For Tuan X, not only is The Blackman Tour a backdrop to push his upcoming EP, “A Tale of Two Cities,” but it has also allowed him to tap into his philanthropic side. He has carefully laced his tour with a cause-worthy agenda to bridge arts with the importance of giving back. Since the beginning of May, Tuan X has been donating 100 percent of the profits from his online store to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. Because he’s had relatives and personal relationships affected by mental illness, the rapper is on a crusade to utilize his platform to make a difference both on and off the stage.

“Philanthropy is my duty. I also support the funding and research of cancer and awareness. I lost my father to cancer at the age of four and it is prevalent in my fathers genealogy,” shared Tuan X. “I’m also a big supporter of mental health research. These illnesses, at times, wreak havoc on the families and, of course, on the people who have to live with it daily. Schizophrenia has made some people in my life shells of their former selves. Medicine has nearly obliterated their personalities and liveliness. And I hope for a day where great advancements will be made in the treatment of these illnesses. I believe in Oprah’s (Winfrey) philosophy of using your life to serve the world. In whatever way I can, I will. It is my purpose.”

Tuan X currently has two CDs available for purchase, “Of Mice and Men,” and “The Piano Lesson.” Both are available on iTunes. Also, be on the look out for Tuan X’s new single “We Get Lifted,” off his upcoming EP. To view his tour diaries or learn more about Tuan X, visit

June 6, 2013
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