Minneapolis veteran gets home makeover

nathaniel hulls homeNathaniel Hull, an Army veteran who served his country in Vietnam received the gift of a lifetime on Sept. 11, as 40 volunteers from The Home Depot Foundation and the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity renovated his home.

Struggling physically and financially to make needed home repairs, Hull worked alongside these volunteers as they installed new windows, fans, air conditioning units, and a wheelchair ramp. Volunteers also remodeled Hull’s bathroom to make it easily accessible, waterproofed the basement and made repairs to the front porch. This effort in Minneapolis is part of The Home Depot Foundation’s third annual Celebration of Service campaign, a two-month initiative between Sept. 11 and Veterans Day that is designed to address the unique housing needs of veterans and their families. Since 2011, The Home Depot Foundation has invested more than $470,000 in the Minneapolis area to renovate veterans’ homes and facilities.

nathaniel hulls wedding photoThe Home Depot Foundation’s Celebration of Service campaign, is a five-year, $80 million commitment, to military veterans and their families that seeks to ensure they have a safe place to call home. This year, foundation will invest $3 million, and more than 9,000 thousand Home Depot associates will complete more than 350 service projects across the country.

On any given night last year, 62,619 veterans were homeless. There are currently about 22 million veterans living in the U.S. – 3.5 million of whom have service-connected disabilities and 40 percent of whom are over the age of 65. Many need accessibility modifications to live comfortably and safely or are unable to perform maintenance on their homes. The inability to modify, maintain and repair their homes impacts not only the veterans, but their families and caregivers as well.

nathaniel hulls home beforeFor more about Team Depot’s activities throughout Celebration of Service, visit

September 16, 2013
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