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rasheeda 629220copyWith a certain clam and excellence about herself she answers each question without stopping to think. 

So sure of her decisions and place in life, her comments come to mind without much thought. No interruptions or noise just Rasheeda and the chance to talk about misconceptions, marriage, money and motherhood.

When Rasheeda (born Rasheeda Buckner) made it on the line she was vibrant. She sounds nothing like the woman we saw on last season’s “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” – the Rasheeda that was pregnant, contemplating divorce and struggling to take control of her independent music career. Instead Rasheeda is in high spirits; her energy poured out over the phone and she eagerly admitted that her latest addition, baby Karter, has a lot to do with it.

“I couldn’t imagine life without him now that he’s here,” said the reality star and R&B singer.

Rasheeda admits that she’s enjoying the time off – it’s allowed her to focus on her family and to relax. She’s made no appearances and hasn’t taken many interviews, which is why I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to chat one-on-one with the boss lady during such a pivotal point in her life and career. Although her relaxation is short lived (she let out a sneaky laugh as if she has something up her sleeve) she revealed she’ll be hitting the road at the end of the month. Rattling off all of the cities she’ll be visiting, she’s obviously pleased to be working.

“I ain’t no sit on your (rear) type of person, the lord has instilled so much in me. I have a lot to give and to accomplish,” said Rasheeda.

She’s no doubt a go-getter. In addition to her celebrity from the hit reality show “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” Rasheeda has multiple businesses. Viewers have had a front row seat to her fights with husband, Kirk Frost, about her prioritizing her love for accessories and fashion over her independent rap career. Unfazed by Frost’s reluctance, she has remained determined to give her all too each business simultaneously. is Rasheeda’s online store, selling everything from the latest in accessories to stylish leggings, and let’s not forget her cosmetics line Poiz. Fearless when it comes to fashion, Rasheeda blames her daring style on her Gemini personality. When it comes to getting dressed, she does whatever feels comfortable, never trying too hard. The boss chick is good in a blazer paired with a white tank top and snug jeans, but she also knows how to glam it up. Rasheeda may be the only chick from the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise that doesn’t have all her eggs in one basket. Music is a huge part of her but she’s not depending on it to pay her bills.

rasheedaAfter the mommy and money talk, we address the elephant in the room – her marriage. If you let the world tell it, Rasheeda is a fool to stay in a marriage that took the twists and turns shown to millions on national television; however, she has a different take on things.

“This isn’t just a relationship, it’s a marriage, and he’s my husband,” said Rasheeda. “People point the finger until they’re in the situation themselves.”

Although she is grateful for the platform that the reality show has provided (gaining new fans, increased sales and awareness), it also gave people the right to observe moments of her life that ideally would have been private. There is no doubt that what Rasheeda and Frost experienced was reality, Frost’s actions and comments can’t be erased but she insists that things were blown out of proportion at times. In a very blunt tone the Georgia peach stops our conversation and says she wants to clear up a few things.

“Kirk is a great father,” she said bluntly. “That’s never been in question; he has four children over 18 years old – grown. When he said he was tired of raising kids he was talking about raising adult children. His comment was taking out of context.”

Now that Karter is here, Rasheeda said Frost has stepped up as an active father. The singer giggled as she recalled the things her husband had been doing to help out.

“Girl, he’s on daddy duty, waking up every two to three hours, changing diapers and feeding the baby,” said the reality diva.

As the couple works on its family life the question remains will the two continue working together on her music. I asked Rasheeda whether or not Frost or Debra Antney (founder and CEO of Atlanta-based management company Mizay Entertainment) was her manager, she held back saying we’ll have to tune into the next season to see how that management piece works out.

“Deb is cool as hell and she’s in my corner but you’ll have to watch the show to see what happens,” said Rasheeda.

You can never have too many strong women in your corner, hence Shirleen Harvell also known as Rasheeda’s mom.

Harvell is famous for her “Oh hell naw” line and for running over her son-in-law’s $7,000 dirt bike. Rasheeda proudly backs her mother’s actions, and said that she wouldn’t have expected anything less from her mother. Calling her mother a true Scorpio as if to say her zodiac sign gave her a pass for destroying the bike; arrogantly Rasheeda points out every girl wants their mother to have her back.

Seldom did we see Rasheeda lose her cool on the show; however, co-star K. Michelle pushed her buttons on occasion, but on the finale the strong willed women wished one another the best in their future endeavors and vowed to move forward without ill will. Keeping her word Rasheeda remained supportive when I asked her what she thought about K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton’s beef.

“Tamar and I just spoke yesterday about the babies,” said Rasheeda. “I love that girl she’s just so real. Her personality is wonderful. I mean she’s my girl, so of course I’m rocking with her album. It’s amazing. But I wish K. Michelle the best in her career. It seems like she finally got the record label backing she was hoping for so I’m happy for her.”
There will be some changes to the cast of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” and it’s been confirmed that casting for additional city spin-offs is also happening. Rasheeda gives props to Mona Scott-Young (CEO of multi-media entertainment company Monami Entertainment) for milking the cow and adding more shows, saying she’s proud to know a woman who’s successful in the entertainment industry.

I ask Rasheeda to leave me with a few words of wisdom for the ladies that are trying to work their way through relationship issues. The diva dove right in as if she was waiting for the chance to uplift other ladies with her words.

“Communicate,” exclaimed Rasheeda. “Have integrity and don’t listen to no damn body that ain’t got no man. Talk to somebody who can relate to (your stuff). Follow your heart; know what you want and most importantly stay prayed up.”

September 27, 2013
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