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men are dirt front coverThis weekly Insight commentary is titled “Man Talk.”

It has been two years since I began writing this column, and originally I set out to share insights from my relationship book, “Men Are Dirt.” It is based on insight about men from a man’s perspective. The wisdom and knowledge contained in the book was given to me by God, and it was compiled from over 25 years of couples and relationship counseling. As Valentine’s Day approaches, there will be a lot of focus on relationships so I would like to share some knowledge from the book.

“Men Are Dirt” is a powerful relationship tool. It has taken me around the country, and I have witnessed firsthand how the knowledge contained in it has changed lives for the better. The book’s key feature is that it provides a platform for men and women to have a dialogue about some of the challenging issues that are impacting relationships. This includes sections on why do men cheat, the danger of a neglected woman, how to deal with an immature male, when a man loves his wife, is he ready for you, how to treat a good man, and many other essential discussion topics.

Why a book titled “Men Are Dirt?”

The title captures the spirit and intent of the book. Men were formed by God from the dust of the ground. More importantly, dirt nourishes seeds (ideas) that will become plants (dreams realized). “Men Are Dirt” was written from the premise that like dirt, the best of man lies below the surface. Think about it, everything that you see with your eye came from the ground or from things that come from the ground. Because both diamonds and dynamite come from the same ground, the sooner you can come to understand the spiritual and creative connection between man and dirt, the better you will be able to understand why he behaves as he does.

Although the title of the book is “Men Are Dirt,” the book was written with women in mind – particularly since women will always be the primary participant in any relationship. Women are the numerator in their relationship equations so when men being wholeness equal to theirs, the relationship is one. The book is intended to empower women by using dirt as and analogy to make a clear distinction between the different types of men – a distinction that will allow women to choose only those relationships that will add enrichment to their lives. The better a woman understands man, whom she cannot control, the more she is empowered to make betters choices about the men she allows into her life and ultimately her heart.

Knowledge is power. It can change your life. “Men Are Dirt” is a book of knowledge therefore it is a book of power. I encourage you to get a copy of the book and share it with that significant person in your life. Relationships are so important to me that if you mention my Insight News ad when you purchase a copy of the book, I will include a second copy at no additional cost for you to share with that special person in your life. You can get a copy at My gift to all is knowledge and power. Knowledge will bring about a greater tomorrow than today because you are able to build on today’s experience. As I move forward and to the third year of writing for the Insight News, I hope and pray that these articles continue to be valuable and inspirational.

Timothy Houston is an author, minister, and motivational speaker who is committed to guiding positive life changes in families and communities. For questions, comments or more information, go to

February 5, 2014
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