Don’t believe the lies of the rich (and far right)

richNobody asked me, but I’m becoming more certain that this country is being stolen from its citizens.

Currently, the richest 1 percent of Americans has amassed as much wealth as the bottom 50 percent. I find it hard to believe that any 1 percent of the population is working harder or smarter than any half of the population. I find it equally hard to believe that this increasing concentration of wealth is the result of random economic forces.

When I consider this redistribution of wealth together with the appalling shrinkage of the middle class and of union membership, I see “class warfare.” I see bald attempts, on the part of the “1 percent” to grow the lower class.

Nearly a century ago, W.E.B. DuBois said, “Indeed the greatest and most immediate danger in white society is its fear of truth, its childish belief in the efficacy of lies as a method of human uplift.” What he didn’t say, but was understood was that they were the humans they intended to lift up. We are seeing, today, how prophetic those words were.

Republicans tell lie after lie, over and over again, because large segments of their racist base will believe anything that is uncomplimentary about President Obama and policies he champions.

“Raising the minimum wage will cause companies to cut jobs.”

That’s just not true. Try to imagine that McDonald’s or Target experiences a substantial uptick in sales and customer traffic and respond by shrinking their sales staff. When poor people get a few more dollars, they plow it right into the economy. Heck, they need some of everything and are behind on most of their bills. Very few really rich folk go buy another yacht. Their extra money goes into a hedge fund or to funding a political campaign so they can drive public policy that benefits them.

Currently, this country boosts poor people’s revenue stream to the tune of $250 billion a year. This social welfare bill that taxpayers pony up is really a subsidy to business. Corporations underpay their employees and food stamps and other welfare programs make up the difference. Making corporations pay a living wage is the smartest way to cut the food stamp bill. Our economy would benefit from boosting the wages of low wage workers.

“Voter fraud must be combated through strict voter ID laws and restricting absentee and early voting.”

Again, not true. Voter fraud is virtually non-existent. The poor, elderly and people of color take advantage of early voting and are most likely to be without driver’s licenses and passports. College students take advantage of absentee voting. Exit polls and studies show these groups vote overwhelmingly Democratic. Drive those ballot numbers down and Republicans can have a chance in a national election.

“President Obama is a lawless, Kenyan born, Muslim, demagogue who wants to be king.”

No, no, no and no.

Bonus non-question. Have you heard that George Zimmerman is promoting his “celebrity” boxing match? If he’s so tough with his fists, why didn’t he just outbox Trayvon Martin?

February 26, 2014
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