Sudden closing of Community Action of Minneapolis shifts energy assistance responsibility

stockvault-lockflower104450Minneapolis residents who received energy assistance from the nonprofit Community Action of Minneapolis were told this week that they will now be receiving their services through Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin.

According to an article from the Star Tribune this week, the office of Community Action of Minneapolis was raided by employees of the Department of Commerce and the Department of Human Services and its employees laid off. This followed a state audit that showed several discrepancies in the organization’s funding and governance practices, as well as expenses for things like spa trips, golf outings, and a car loan.

In the days following the raid, all of the organization’s contracts were distributed to the Community Action Partnership of Southern Hennepin (CAPSH).

“The Energy Assistance Program provides a vital safety net to thousands of low-income individuals and families and allows them to maintain affordable, continuous, and safe home energy” said CAPSH’s executive director Scott Zemke in a press release. “CAPSH is committed to providing continuity of services to Minneapolis residents and ensuring that all Hennepin County residents have access to this essential program.”

In response to the shift in contract from Community Action of Minneapolis to CAPSH, CAPSH has begun increasing staff, technology, and equipment, according to delivery paperwork shared by its Zemke. They are also attempting to find office space in Minneapolis.

Anyone needing energy assistance should contact CAPSH at 952-697-1313 or email them at

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October 20, 2014
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