LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote No on Question 1 on Minneapolis Ballot

To supporters of Question 1 on the Minneapolis Ballot: I understand the notion of streamlining the voting process and eliminating frivolous candidates. I also understand that the measure provides two options for ballot access. But this proposition logic presupposes race and class equity. This is not the case, when 2/3 of all minorities in Minneapolis live below the poverty line: $11k for individuals and $22k for families of 4.

Filing fees of $500 or $250 will eliminate low-income and working poor candidates of all races. You can’t discount the parallel to the first draft of the Constitution, which legalized discrimination based on race and class.

Regarding the signature requirement, keep in mind that African-Americans are 7.54 times more likely to be arrested for loitering and vagrancy according to today’s ACLU report. Consider the stories of MN Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC) canvassers being harassed by MPD on the Northside. In a practical sense, young African-Americans gathering signatures around dinner time MUST consider the fates of Trayvon Martin and Renisha McBride.

No that is not your reality. But it is the reality for 2/3 of all minority residents. Their version of Minneapolis is different than yours. This reality is not accounted for in Question 1. Thanks for continuing the debate on my turf , which I believe is much more diverse in terms of race, class, and political affiliation. Question 1 is well-intended. But Question 1 is still a poll tax.

On November 4th: Vota No Pregunta Uno! Souls to the Polls! Occupy Voting Booths! Vote No on Question 1!

November 3, 2014
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