AUGUST 5, 1972 – NOVEMBER 1, 2014: Remembering Ackeesa Ta Harms-McFarlane

ackeesaAckeesa Ta McFarlane-Harms, age 42, of NE Mpls., passed away Nov. 1, 2014. Preceded in death by mother, Theresa Harms. Survived by daughters, KiLeeah Rowe and Tyrisa McFarlane-Harms; grandchildren, Kahmyla, Kahmya, Kenneth and Kilecia; father, Wain McFarlane; sister, Antonia Harms; brother, Miles McFarlane; and a host of aunts, uncles and cousins.

Let us go into the House of the Lord
The Angel folded her wings, gracefully, gently, assuming the warrior’s stance, on bended knee, one had knuckled against the earth, the other at her back, wielding the mighty
sword of Grace.
Eyes that talk speak tears of gratitude and acceptance. Fluttering blinks animate the solitary trail of tears.
A breath….
A leap into eternity….
A journey to unimaginable realms….
Fierce! Fearless!

At the same time, faster than the blink of an eye, and in moments lasting eternities,
She rose in victory and in peace.

A Love Supreme
Acknowledgement: Her own Divinity
Resolution: Do or die! Till the bitter end!
Pursuit: To the last moment, the last breath, the last heart beat….
Psalm: Love, Respect, Gratitude, Joy!

The Creator Has a Master Plan
The Creator has but one demand: Peace and happiness throughout the land for every man, woman and child.
Lifted by Joy, surrounded by love, the Angel springs across universes like a Blackbird flying confidently into the dark, dark night….discovering freedom, laughing, dancing, shouting,
“The Heavens from whence I came, I return!”

Cristo Redentor
The celestial choir of Leah Renee, Grandpa Crusoe, Mother Theresa & Catherine, Big Mama & Dad, Mas Roland & Grandmother Daisy, Julitta, Jerri, Paul, the assemblies of grandparents & grandchildren, of sisters and brothers, of aunties & uncles, nieces and nephews, of those who have passed and of those not yet born, speaks the Angel’s name in praise and sings hallelujah in remembrance. Crisis is the gateway to redemption. The Angel illuminates the path.
God Ackeesa Ta

December 3, 2014
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