Motivational Moments: Work hard on seeing your goals through

stockvault-dollar128664Have you ever felt like you were working so hard and doing all the right things in your life to be a success, but nothing seems to be going as you planned? Are you at a point where you think that maybe you are working so hard and maybe it’s time you gave up on this goal because nothing is happening fast enough for you? Remember just because you don’t see the end result right away, doesn’t mean you haven’t made any progress. Achieving any goal takes lots of focus and can take a long period of time. (Depending on the goal.) But the key is to never give up because you never know how close you are to completing anything if you give up before you completed it.

I know of a person who gave up on a particular goal because it was taking too long only to find out in the end that he was almost at his breakthrough. That is how it usually is most of the time anyway. We tend to give up right before our blessings are shown to us. Sometimes it can get stressful working on goals to the point of wanting to just call it quits! But if you put your all into anything, then it would be a shame to have wasted your time. See it through and know that you are almost there.

Like I have heard so many times before, anything worth having is worth fighting for. This means that if you have made the decision to work hard on anything, then the key is to also work hard on seeing it through. Remember you identified the goals you need to work on in your life to be a better person, or to improve you and your family’s situation, so why not keep going until those dreams and goals are fulfilled. Every day you should remind yourself that you are moving closer to your dreams and you are on your way to your greatness! Smile, because your breakthrough is ALMOST HERE!

And as always, stay focused, stay determined, and keep striving for greatness.

Penny Jones-Richardson is a published author and life coach. She can be reached via her website at or email at

March 10, 2015
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