Today will be a quiet day

stockvault-lonely-tree-on-a-lake137519Today will be a quiet day. This is the title and affirmation from chapter 10 of my book “Study to be quiet.” The things that we say to ourselves to begin each day can shape how we will deal with the challenges that will come our way. What do you do when you get overwhelmed? How do you deal with the stress and the pressure that each day brings? Every day, a little more pressure is added to your emotional reservoir. Every day it gets closer to capacity. Each of us should begin each day by speaking peace into our lives.

To begin with, we declare today will be a quiet day because everything requires a reset. When we turn on our home computer in the morning, it goes through a series of bleeps and flashes which it does every time it starts up. It checks to make sure all of the drives and the cylinders are operating correctly. It also checks the main memory to make sure none of the data has been corrupted since it was shut down on the night before. The computer then makes the minor adjustments necessary to keep it running smoothly. We are more complex and complicated than a computer. Daily self-evaluation and adjustments keep your life’s hard drive running smoothly. When we say today will be a quiet day, we are taking the time needed daily to do quiet reflections and self-evaluations.

Secondly, when we declare today will be a quiet day, we are resetting our spiritual clock. We all need daily quiet time with God. Men often carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, and women often carry the family calendar, schedule and details on hers. They are both complicated system that are comprised of a spirit, soul and body. This complexity is further complicated by the things they have experienced in the past and the present consequences for their actions. Without God to sort through their spiritual and emotional baggage, men and women will explode emotionally and physically, and the whole world will suffer. Quiet the spirit, and quiet the man. Daily quiet time with God will provide the guidance and direction needed to remain spiritually whole.

Finally, when we declare today will be a quiet day, we are declaring the need to slow down. Life is a rat race, and if we get caught up in it, we will ultimately crash. When we take the time in the morning to slow down, we give our sprit and emotions the opportunity to calm down. Rush, rush, rush, will only lead to frustration. Frustration leads to bad choices, and those choices lead to unwanted consequences. When we declare that today will be a quiet day, we are declaring that today will be a day of good choices.

The need to calm down and slowdown is all around us. The positive affirmations that we make will have an impact. When you reset your spiritual clock, you reset your emotional clock as well. Inner peace produces outer peace. You are able to face the world and the things in it without losing perspective on what is important. Our families benefit from this peace. This peace is like a river that flows from the heart of God into the heart of men and women. Every day you should make your positive affirmation. Today will be a quiet day, because I declare it to be so!

Timothy Houston is an author, minister, and motivational speaker who is committed to guiding positive life changes in families and communities. For questions, comments or more information, go to

April 7, 2015
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