Motivational Moments: Focused, determined and striving for greatness

stockvault-dalian-roadside-view125185At different times in life we set goals that will help us get to our next level. It could be a goal of moving up the ladder at work, or completing a personal goal that you haven’t shared with anyone. Whatever the case may be, we never stop setting goals. Each time you think of doing something different with your life to make your life better, you are setting a goal. Some goals we don’t have to write down.

I worked with a young man many years ago who only set goals for himself once a year which he would do at the beginning of each year. His goals would be listed from most important to the least important. He said his list could include professional goals as well as those goals that he could finish in a day or two. But no matter what, he always completed everything on his list. I would be amazed by all he completed each year.

At the time I thought it was crazy to only set goals once a year, but as time went by I learned to appreciate what he was doing. He showed me how to stick to a plan and also how to be focused on the most important things in your life. This was the most disciplined person I had ever met at that time. I also learned that some goals will take time and some may take you all year to complete.

Lately I have had to set some personal goals of my own. I had to start thinking of finishing some things that I never thought about before. These goals are hug for me and they are going to take me staying focused and keeping my eyes on the prize. Just like that young man from my past, I have to start with the most important and map out my journey to completing it. What I’ve learned along the way is to never lose focus of what’s best for me and to always remember that this journey belongs to me!

And as always, stay focused, stay determined, and keep striving for greatness.

Penny Jones-Richardson is a published author and life coach. She can be reached via her website at or email at

April 22, 2015
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