FIVE TRAVEL TIPS: Feel energetic and healthy on your next getaway

canstockphoto25060037Whether you are getting away on a much needed vacation or packing up for yet another business trip, being able to stick with a healthy eating plan while traveling can be a trick. It’s hard enough to know what to eat when you are home, but trying to figure out how to avoid unhealthy foods while on the go can seem nearly impossible. Here are five tips to help you navigate the food world on your next trip:

1.Stay Hydrated! Water is always important, but when you travel by airplane it becomes especially important. The air in an airplane can be as low as 1% humidity….very dry!! Our bodies work best around 50% humidity. Many people get headaches, cramps, fatigue and brain fog just from dehydration. Drink water and herbal teas AND avoid dehydrating drinks such as coffee, soda and alcohol.

2.Have a plan!! Be proactive!! Bring healthy snacks along that will give you nutrition and energy, so that you are not at the mercy of a vending machine at an airport. Some ideas for snacks you can have in your purse or carry-on would be nuts, trail mixes, fruit, veggies sticks, kale chips, protein bars (look for minimally processed bars with fewer ingredients, at least 8g of protein and under 10g of sugar), and even a protein powder pack that can be mixed with water or milk while on the run.

3.Airport ideas!! Okay let’s say you weren’t proactive, you don’t have a plan, and you are stuck at the airport feeling hungry. There will be MANY choices at an airport. The good news is that eating healthy is becoming more trendy and many airports are trying to offer some better choices for their discerning customers. Look for smoothie bars, salads, wraps, fruits, trail mixes and water. Better choices are there, so walk right past the fast food stands and challenge yourself to find the better option.

4.Restaurant ideas!! Many hotels are trying to cater to their healthier clients. If you know where you will be staying, check out the hotel restaurants online ahead of time to see if there are some good choices. Look for meat and fish items that are broiled, baked, roasted or grilled. Look for veggies that are steamed, roasted or sauteed. Avoid fried foods that will only give you indigestion….who wants that when you are traveling!?! Another great resource is the concierge at the hotel. The concierge will love to help you pick out a local restaurant to suit your needs! If you would like to avoid restaurants all together, you can always stop at a grocery store and stock up on salads, fruits, nuts, seeds and water and stash your items in your hotel refrigerator!

5.Alcohol! It’s worth talking about, since alcohol is frequently mixed in with both leisure and business travel. Ideally, I would advocate for skipping the alcohol, mainly because of its dehydrating effects. If you do partake, go easy, have a glass of wine, or a beer or a clear liquor choice with club soda, water or on the rocks.

Happy Travels!!

Julie McMahon, Founder/Owner of Sound Nutrition, is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Raw Food Nutrition Educator who is passionate about Nutrition, Health and Wellness. Julie believes in the power of whole foods to create optimal health and maximum energy flow and works with her clients in a step by step approach to achieve their personal vision of health. For more information, or to schedule a free nutrition consultation, visit or call NutritionJulie at 612-270-9344.

May 13, 2015
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