Motivational Moments: Tell someone about your dreams: Become that person you always dreamt you would be

stockvault-business-meeting165413What is wrong with saying how you really feel to someone? What is wrong with admitting that you want to do things differently than you usually do? What is the problem with confessing that you are ready for a life change and you are ready right now? These are the questions that I ask so many individuals when I hear them say that they are not pleased with where they are on their lives journey.

The key to changing things in your life is to admitting that you are unhappy with the way things are going. When you go through life doing things that don’t make you feel like you’re being fulfilled, then maybe it’s time for a change. So many people walk through life doing things for others and making loved ones happy, that they tend to believe that making others happy is their destiny in life. It’s great to brighten up the day of others, but don’t forget about yourself.

Statistics show that most people live and work in a place that they are not pleased with. Most people are too afraid to step out there on faith and believe that there is a better life out there for them if they believe. Being happy is a state of mind and is determined by your definition of what you consider to be happiness. What makes one person happy, may not be on the next person’s happiness list. This is also true in relationships. Two people can live together and never truly know what makes their mates happy. Some don’t even know their dreams and desires. That’s why the key is to share with each other how you really feel and what you want your life to look like. And you may be surprised as to what the answer is. Change is good for everyone and change is a part of finding your best you. Step out there and do something different! Step out there and tell someone about your dreams and goals and that you are about to become that person that you always dreamt you’d be! Invite them on your journey and you never know what great adventures you may share along the way!

And as always, stay focused, stay determined, and keep striving for greatness.

Penny Jones-Richardson is a published author and life coach. She can be reached via her website at or email at

May 21, 2015
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