Aesthetically Speaking

This Poem is Not about Trees.

Not long ago in a land afar, was a forest of coniferous trees
And in that forest were trees of all kinds; tree babies, tree queens and tree kings.
The king trees were there to protect the land, the children, the plants and the mothers,
but something had gone quite array in this land, the king trees were fighting each other!

Though fire and water and winds were a threat, the king trees own problems had grown.
Instead of protecting the trees in the land, they were burning and chopping their own.
They held secret meetings and schemed and lied and plotted against one another
And sometimes they’d just outright cut off the branch of their own like-kind tree brother!

And while they were quarreling, massaging their egos and advancing their own agendas,
the storm came and knocked all the baby trees down and destroyed the hope of their mothers.

One king tree was alerted and jumped up shouting –
“Who did this, what happened and who shall we call!?
Something traumatic has come to our land and caused our tree families to fall!”

With sap in their eyes the queen trees responded and said in a lowly voice-
“Us queen trees and babies are not strong enough, we have succumb to the weather,
had you and the other kings gotten along, we’d have been much stronger together.”

How silly, you think, for me to say the coniferous could harm themselves,
but sadly it’s so how they’d self-destruct to advance by any means.
It happened afar, and it’s happening here. You see,
This poem is not about trees.


May 21, 2015
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