What’s in Your Grocery Cart?

nutrition-julieSo how do you grocery shop? Do you go in with a plan? Do you bring recipes with you? OR do you just wing it? Do you ever get to the check out counter and gasp at the amount of food you grabbed without even thinking about it? Here are my favorite tips to keep you on task and on track with your health!

h-canstockphoto10235327My top 5 Tips to Navigate the Grocery Store!!

1. Don’t go to the store HUNGRY! Trust me! Everything will look good and you will grab a bunch of junk that you wouldn’t normally buy. Go in with a plan and a full tummy.

2. Shop the PERIMETER of the store. Foods that spoil quickly and need to be rotated more frequently are usually located on the perimeter of the grocery store. Think Fresh!! The foods toward the inside of the store are “shelf stable” and can sit there for over a year! Many of these foods are full of preservatives and should be avoided!

3. Collect a RAINBOW of veggies and fruits! When you look at your cart it should be full of greens, reds, yellows, blues….the colors of the rainbow! Think fresh veggies and fruits NOT skittles!

4. It can be overwhelming to change your shopping and diet plan. Think about ADDING in more veggies and fruits to your existing plan and eventually they will be your first grab. (Ex: Instead of just eggs, make an omelet loaded with spinach and veggies. Instead of chicken, think roasted veggies or a huge salad with chicken.)

5. Allow time when you get home to SHOP and CHOP!! Set yourself up for success by washing and chopping your veggies and having them ready to grab throughout the week! Remember, it’s human nature to eat whatever is easy to grab.

November 5, 2015
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