Former nurse exposes racism in the profession

NEW YORK – Author Melvina Semper interviewed 50 nurses whose personal stories reveal the ill treatment and lack of promotion, diversity, moral support and other barriers minority students and nurses face on the job.

All are explored in her new book, “Discrimination Experienced in the Nursing Profession by Minority Nurses: Fifty True Stories from Nurses in New York City.”

“I was inspired by the increasing complaints (and) experiences told to me by a diverse group of nurses practicing in New York City hospitals,” explained Semper. “I have also seen first-hand the blatant racism and discrimination, not to mention the lack of promotion of qualified minority nurses; and in many instances a less qualified white nurse is placed in the position.”

From the Hispanic nurse whose patient requested that only a white nurse care for her, to the Russian nurse who was only allowed to work night shifts, Semper not only shares real-life stories but also highlights the need for stricter laws, enforcement of affirmative action and the regulation of healthcare facilities to eradicate racism at all levels.

“I want readers to take away an eye opening look at the struggles, disrespect, racism and discrimination minority nurses encounter on a daily basis while trying to enhance the lives of every sick person,” said Semper. “Despite all the mistreatment, racism (and) discrimination, minority nurses remove all obstacles and rise to the occasion in doing the job they swore to do, caring and save lives.”

“Discrimination Experienced in the Nursing Profession by Minority Nurses: Fifty True Stories from Nurses in New York City” is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

September 28, 2016
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