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Insight-2-Health participant said the challenge transformed her mind, body and spirit

By Harry Colbert, Jr.
Managing Editor

Sheila Roby Sweeney (center) talks about her experiences with the Insight-2-Health Fitness Challenge.

Sheila Roby Sweeney (center) talks about her experiences with the Insight-2-Health Fitness Challenge. Harry Colbert, Jr.

We have come to the midway point of the current installment of the Insight-2-Health Fitness Challenge and in addition to our lifestyle changes here at Insight News, there are several others committing themselves to better health.

Sheila Roby Sweeney has been with the challenge since 2014. A veteran of the class, we asked Roby Sweeney to share her experiences.

“The challenge is going well,” said Roby Sweeney. “I was excited to get started. On Sept. 10 (the start date of the most recent challenge) my mind was right and my body was ready to get right. My energy is soaring again. I am very happy. This is my sixth round. I got hooked two years ago, September 2014, and haven’t look back since.”

Roby Sweeney said she was prepared to take her training to greater heights.

“My goals are to change my mindset, push myself a little further each round, continue to value my body, think about food differently, see the greatness in continued dedication (and to) gain strength and endurance,” said Roby Sweeney. “I can only get better if I keep going. Mentally, I believe in myself. I believe in the transformative process because I have seen the difference. I believe that if I continue to make incremental steps towards change, educate myself, and continue to connect with others of like goals, I will enhance my motivation a little further each session.”

The holistic approach to the challenge – incorporating nutrition with exercise – has been a benefit to Roby Sweeney.

“I believe the fitness and nutrition piece go hand-in-hand,” said Roby Sweeney. “One without the other is a failed attempt at (a) successful physical change and sustained growth. I feel when one part is off; all parts of the body suffer. When I couple the two together I see results and I feel a big difference in my mind and body.”

Coupling proper diet with exercise has led to increased clarity, increased energy and increased enthusiasm for Roby Sweeney.

“I’m so much happier now. I always knew that if I got my physical right, so many other things would fall into place as well,” said Roby Sweeney. “So many things that keep us sick, unhealthy and overweight, I believe stem from not taking care of our bodies with good food and movement. Taking care of ourselves means solid sleep, decreased mental fogs and increased energy. I have regained and reclaimed all of this through the challenge and (in) challenging myself to be better.”

Although a veteran, Roby Sweeney said she still gets anxious about the scheduled workouts.

“The hardest thing about the challenge is sometimes just getting to the lab (F.I.T. Lab in Falcon Heights, where participants workout),” said Roby Sweeney. “Once there, it’s sometimes anxiety provoking not knowing what will be expected of you, however it’s good anxiety; the kind that pushes you (to) ‘fight or flight.’ It’s my fuel to get it in. Once you get use to the trainers and the routines, the confidence kicks in.”

Roby Sweeney described the challenge as life changing.

“I have transformed my mind, my body, and elevated my spirit just by becoming a part of something bigger than what I could have done on my own,” said the challenge veteran. “The challenge promotes individual, family, social connectedness; physical endurance, nutritional knowledge, the value of healthy food choices and mental clarity. It challenges you to start living. I have gotten my groove back and then some through the challenge.”

With the next round of the Insight-2-Health Fitness Challenge beginning in January, Roby Sweeney is a strong advocate for participating.

“As you can probably tell, I wholeheartedly love the I2H Challenge,” said Roby Sweeney.

October 17, 2016
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