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New documentary, ‘White Time’ takes on white supremacy and white privilege

D. Eric Harmon

D. Eric Harmon

“White Time,” a documentary mini-series from Raitan Films and independent filmmaker D. Eric Harmon, tackles the history and structure of white supremacy and institutional racism in the United States from colonial times to modern day.

Made possible by a Minnesota State Schools and Universities (MNSCU) sabbatical grant, “White Time” is available for free to all educational institutions.

“The documentary reveals what many Americans don’t want to own – that the U.S. is inherently racist, and many of today’s failures in race relations aren’t a result of poor planning or execution but are actually a result of an intentional design that’s been in place from the country’s beginning,” said Harmon, the film’s director who teaches African-American literature and culture at Century Community and Technical College in White Bear Lake.

“White Time” offers insights into the concept of white supremacy, white privilege, structural racism and institutional racism. It also explores how ruling elites, via government policies and social practices, merged all of these concepts into the essence of America by infusing white supremacy into institutions such as media, religion, education, government and law enforcement.

“The mini-series connects the chronological and systemic elements that make white racism such a prevalent factor in American life,” said Harmon. “Because the apparatus of white racism comes with a standard issue ‘cloaking device,’ most Americans are simply unaware of how white supremacy works and how it shapes almost all that we do.”

The film series features authors, scholars, and activists such as Nekima Levy-Pounds, former Minneapolis NAACP President and Black Lives Matter activist, Mahmoud El-Kati, activist and former Macalester College history professor, Dr. Reba Peebles, a board certified psychiatrist and others.

Those interested in watching the film series can go to the Raitan Films website at

November 18, 2016
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