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Jury finds Minneapolis police officer guilty of assault for kicking suspect in head

 Officer involved had history of excessive force

A Hennepin County District Court jury has found a Minneapolis police officer guilty of third-degree assault for kicking a suspect who was on his hands and knees.

Former Minneapolis officer, Christopher Reiter, 36, was charged in connection with a May 30 incident, which was investigated by the St. Paul Police Department to avoid a conflict of interest. The jury deliberated for just 90 minutes. 

Former Minneapolis police officer, Christopher Reiter.

Former Minneapolis police officer, Christopher Reiter.

The sentence calls for probation, but Freeman said he will be asking for prison time.

“We are pleased with the verdict,” said Hennepin County District Attorney Mike Freeman. “We think the evidence justified the verdict. All Minneapolitans, including police officers, agree this conduct is not acceptable. You don’t kick a guy on his knees, in the face, especially when he wasn’t doing anything.”

According to the criminal complaint, officers were sent to a Minneapolis apartment building on a domestic assault call. The female victim told police the man who assaulted her was Mohamed Osman. Officers found him sitting in a vehicle parked outside the building.

Several officers ordered Osman to get out of the vehicle, which he did. The officers then told him to get on the ground, which he did. While the suspect was on his hands and knees, Reiter walked up to Osman and kicked him in the face. The man collapsed to the ground, bleeding and unconscious. He was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a displaced nasal bone, nasal septal fractures and a mild traumatic brain injury.

Osman is now suing the Minneapolis Police Department in federal court.

This is not Reiter’s first time running afoul of the citizens of Minneapolis. In fact, Reiter had more than eight complaints filed against him for using excessive force. The city paid out $105,000 in April to Shawn Ross, after Reiter kicked him in the face following a 911 call to a gas station where Ross was on duty. Ross said he was actually trying to break up a fight and waved Reiter over when the then officer ordered Ross to the ground and kicked him.

Al Flowers, following a 2014 encounter with then Minneapolis police officer Christopher Reiter.

Al Flowers, following a 2014 encounter with then Minneapolis police officer Christopher Reiter.

In 2015 Reiter and another officer were sued by current Minneapolis mayoral candidate, Al Flowers, when police came to Flowers home in 2014 to check for Flowers’ daughter, who was in use of a home monitoring device. When Flowers objected to the officers’ requests to enter the home due to lack of a warrant, according to court records of Flowers’ account, Reiter and Minneapolis Police Officer Jon Schliesing punched and kicked Flowers while he was handcuffed. Flowers suffered broken ribs and injures to his head and eye – injuries that required stitches to heal and caused a blood clot in Flowers’ right eye. Flowers was awarded a $25,000 settlement in that case.

Reiter was fired from the department Jan. 11, following the Osman kicking incident.

October 10, 2017
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