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Aug 21st

Samantha Rei empowers women through fashion

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With 13 years working in fashion under her belt, Samantha Rei is beginning a new chapter—one that will show an even wider audience that femininity and strength go hand and hand. After a fruitful career under the title Blasphemina's Closet Samantha is branching out into new territory; crafting designs that extend beyond the gothic Lolita style she's known for. Her garments are inspired by the stories of heroines whose soft charms are combined with power and intelligence. Who says you can't look cute and save the world at the same time?

samantha-crossland-8094 customWhat is your favorite creation; a piece you've made that you're really proud of?
Currently, it's the three-piece coat collection that I made for the Union Depot show. I have a newfound love of wool and I'm going to be doing a lot of stuff with it in the future.

samantha-crossland-8099 customIf you could only work with one kind of fabric for the rest of your life, what would it be?
My old standby is cotton. Cotton never disappoints me.

samantha-crossland-8108 customWhat, in your opinion is your favorite current fashion trend?
I'm super into sheer fabrics right now. I was really happy to see that other designers went full force into the trend as well. Almost everything I've seen this season from designers I like.

samantha-crossland-8150 customWhere do you want your career to be in the coming years?
I would like to see my stuff in stores across the country. It would still be limited, small runs and that, but I would love to see people around the country having easier access to my stuff.

samantha-crossland-8185 customWhat's up next for you?
I'm doing a show at Teslacon after Halloween then starting my spring collection. All winter it'll be work work work!

This is the second of three local fashion designers Amina is profiling this month. Read the first in the series, Judy Cooper Lyle of Phyllis Designs.

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