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Feb 08th

William Pierce: creating art that transforms

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williamleanPlaywright, director and producer William Pierce buried the stagnant habit of wondering through his desires by creating an addiction to exacting immortality through art and motivation.

Having spent years fighting his own ghosts, Pierce has redefined himself and entered the world of theater. He is now the newest voice to be reckoned with on the entertainment platform, and his company Second Chance Productions is definitely one to keep an eye on.

“My company, Second Chance Productions, tries to present an art form to people that will inspire them, educate them and encourage them to transform into the people that they desire to be, regardless of their past or the things they are dealing with today whether it is financial, mental or physical. Everyone deserves a second chance at life, and we want to allow them the opportunity to realize that and encourage them to take advantage of it,” said Pierce.

‘Using Art form to Transform’ is his companies slogan and, Pierce said, it carries a duty of dressing important messages up in universal clothing, to get the populous to wear his understanding for Christian values and a need for change.

Pierce’s productions blend a unique voice, with untapped storylines that depict the many unresolved serious issues affecting modern day African Americans.

Whether from the angle of a drug addict, or through the eyes of a parent at odds with themselves; through his work, he challenges the audience to reflect on their own inner struggles and connect with the community to ignite change in our demographic.

“We as a community and a nation have gotten away from trying to take care of our own, whether it be our families, our community, or our society,” he said. “We want to let people know that all is not lost at this time. I was encouraged to write back in 1998, and when I came back to the Twin Cities in 2008, I wanted to bring these ideas to the stage. Whether it be a social issue, a family issue, or any other issue that we deal with in life, I wanted to take it out of the church and bring it to the people because before you can know who you are, you have to know where you are in God.”

The main ingredient to all of his production is the soothing manner in which he is able to impart the dynamics of knowing God, and knowing oneself, to a diverse array of individuals who might not otherwise find themselves at church or even considering departing from bad habits.

After last year’s success of his first stage production entitled, My Man and My Child, Pierce is now at a pinnacle point in his career where he is finally seeing his dreams come to fruition.

“With My Man and My Child, I wanted to present something to people, first and foremost, to let them know that there is something new in the Twin Cities, something of quality, and something that you can not only be entertained by, but also be inspired and encouraged by,” explained Pierce.

“If you look in our community, from 13-years-old all the way up to 50-years-old, there are single women, not just parents, but single women who are not only trying to deal with the economy, but also the structure of the home. If you break up the home, you’re breaking up everything. It starts in the home, and that idea was the founding message of my first production,” said Pierce.

Selling out both shows of his two-performance run of My Man and My Child, and over selling more than1,000 DVD copies, Pierce is on a mission to ride this success to the next level, and is once again hitting us this September with a new production entitled For the Sake of the Children.

Quite like in his first play, For the Sake of the Children, deals with a mother named Denise (played by Timotha Lanae) who is addicted to drugs and doesn’t realize that her dark choices are affecting the lives of her three children.

This gospel production also stars Pierce, who plays the roll of Grandpa; the families back bone and the one person who can keep them from falling apart, while at the same time bringing them together to adhere to life’s lessons.

Also involved in the production are Lil G from the R&B smash hit group Silk, and Isaac Keys from TV One’s series the “Ultimate Merger” starring the infamous Omarosa.

These productions serve as a road map to change, and through each one of them you’re guided down a journey, that reminds you that in order to get to where you want to be in life, you have to sour the fear of reinventing your circumstances.

Whether you’re a Christian, a non-believer or a person in the middle, Pierce’s plays are designed to inspire any and every individual no matter where you’re at in life, or where you hope to be tomorrow.

Through William Pierces warranted success, we visually realize that if life’s first opportunities don’t pan out, a second chance at conquering your destination can offer you limitless abounds of inner satisfaction.

“For the Sake of the Children” runs September 17th – 19th at Stepping Stone Theater in St. Paul. Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the door, $45 for limited VIP seating. For more information please visit:


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