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Feb 06th

Miss Black Minnesota Pageant

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briehorshawIn this unfounded time, where the plates appear to be shifting, the ones slipping through the proverbial cracks are no longer those individuals on the fast track headed to no-where. Nowadays it’s the “good kids,” that we’ve seemingly forgotten. And in some instances, fail to identify, celebrate and reward them for their accomplishments.

Through the efforts of three distinguished companies, all of that will change this December upon the arrival of the “new kid” in town; an ageless institution with a knack for celebrating academic merit and exulting those who’ve made exceptional lifestyle choices.

X-CEL Entertainment, PR3 Enterprises, and NexLevel Entertainment, are hoping that together they can reignite this well-known brand. The Miss Black Minnesota-USA Scholarship Pageant (MBMP) is finally back, and ready to remind women of color everywhere, that educational excellence still breeds great and promising rewards.

MBMP is apart of the Non-Profit Corporation, Miss Black USA, which was created in the late 1980’s in Maryland.

Through the years, the National and Local Pageant has grown in its support and exposure. Apart from the reward of training, mentoring and coaching women of color towards leadership, National winners have gone on to tour countries like Africa and South America, garnering them rich experiences which help them to serve as a face for women everywhere.

The beauty of MBMP is that it’s unlike any other pageant. Rather than placing emphasis on looks, they seek participants from all shapes and sizes, who epitomize a strong and intelligent woman. Their mission is to create opportunities that will assist in developing the “whole woman mind, body and spirit.”

“The Miss Black Minnesota Pageant is looking for something a little deeper than the face. I don’t care if you’re 100 lbs, or 306. Who are you inside?” X-CEL Entertainment said, “I’m looking for character. I want someone who represents all of us, in all aspects. It’s not just about beauty; beauty is on the outside. I’m looking for a person who when they walk into a room, exemplify leadership.”

Through their 3 different programs they serve a varying age range between 5 and 27. Currently there is a Princess Program, a Talented Teen Pageant, as well as the Miss Black Minnesota Pageant for women of color to participate in.

Physically, the MBMP has been absent from the program circuit for the past five years, but from behind the scenes a new winner has been crowned every year. 2010’s crownholder is that of Miss Brie Horshaw, an enterprising young communications major, who attends the University of Minnesota as a Sophomore student.

Like Brie, participants in the program will have the opportunity to gain invaluable development skills that will be of good use during any chapter of their lives thereafter. Through the program, many past participants have gone on to garner successful careers in areas such as Entertainment, Politics, Academia, and Public Speaking.

The winner of this years Miss Black Minnesota- USA Scholarship Pageant will receive a $2000 educational reward, model and pageant training, an Apple IPAD, and air and hotel for the national competition in Washington D.C next year. Apart from these amazing prizes, they will also receive envelopes of coaching and mentoring- tools necessary to empower their path towards a future of success.

This years Miss Black Minnesota- USA Scholarship Pageant is slated for December 4th at the Tedd Mann Concert Hall. Recruiting has already begun, and the managers are hoping for a big turn out of participants as they return this year to the mainstream Pageant circuit.

The next informational meeting and registration session will be held at 2pm in the “Executive Center – Boundary Waters Room” at the Mall of America on October 2nd. If you’re interested in learning how you can elevate yourself through training and education, attending this event could bring about limitless reward.

Whether you’re the one interested, or you know someone who deserves an opportunity to enhance their future; each one, teach one. So be sure to tell a friend, to tell a friend, about this unique opportunity.

For more information on the pageant recruitment or sponsorship opportunities, please visit:

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