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Feb 10th

Hip hop mogul Simmons charts path to success

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superrichAccording to entrepreneur and author Russell Simmons, a journey through actualization arrived on the day that Hip Hop became the musical backdrop for his existence.

After meeting rapper Kurtis Blow, Simmons’ life would never be the same. It is through his efforts in promoting a musical style that he felt would reshape the world, that Blow was signed to a record contract, and Hip Hop music was given a platform to expand unto its greatness.

In addition to being a pioneer in the Hip Hop movement, Simmons has found success in a myriad of avenues. He’s the co-founder of Def Jam records, the creator of Phat Farm Clothing, and the founder of Rush Communications, one of the largest African American-owned media firms in the United States.

His triumphs through each endeavor stretch several miles on paper, but anyone who knows Simmons understands that it’s his inner worth that shines, and takes noticeable precedence over his material value.

If he’d have known at the time that his passion for rap music and its inescapable addiction would have garnered him a multi-million dollar empire, than he’d likely be sitting on the opposite end of a success story.

You can’t reach great heights focused solely on the destination, you have to be fearless, lose yourself in the journey, and know that through blind ambition the ground will deliver opportunities.

All of these anecdotes are cleverly waxed into the pages of his new masterpiece Super Rich: A Guide to Having it All, a follow up to his New York Times Best Seller Do You.

The book, which came out on January 4th, has already gone from being one of the most discussed twitter topics in the world, to sparking a movement in individuals everywhere who are ready to implement the guide to one day having it all.

Upon cracking the spine, I spent innumerable hours looking for the winning numbers for the state Powerball, because I was certain that with a title like “Super Rich,” the treasure couldn’t just be in the content, rather there had to be another gimmick waiting in the bowels.

But no, what Simmon’s offers in this piece is not material findings, or secrets on how to beat the stock market on Wall Street. He delivers honesty; an attribute that ribbons itself around every page offering a fervent treasure for the heart and soul.

In the book Simmons, who is a Christian Yogi, examines how the power of meditating, freeing your mind, being generous with your gifts and focusing on what you love, and not on what you want to come of your passion, are the keys to being super rich and those tools necessary to obtain the prize of material findings.

“You can’t be afraid to give away your gifts, because in doing so you are closing doors to receiving attention.” Simmons states. “If you find yourself at a point where you’ve given so much that you get nothing back in return, you must improve your skills, improve your focus, improve your faith and stay resilient. There’s no way to fail at something unless you quit. You have many more vehicles to distribute your ideas nowadays than you ever did. You can’t be afraid to share them. If you’re a writer, and you have a love for writing, the writing itself is your prayer. That should make you happy. When it’s done without barrier, and from the heart, it should promote happiness, not pause it.”

It’s food for thought like this that makes the book an engaging read, equipped with the spiritual power to bring an individual back on course. He makes no separation of his spiritual journey and business journey, instead he infuses the two hemispheres, to offer a touching revelation of how living in a state of total consciousness is where the real richness lies.

Without forcing the idea of meditation on his audience, Simmons uses a universal approach of conveying his message of focus, by exploring personal experience, and celebrity success stories to illustrate how a clear mind, whether done by meditation, or just from getting rid of mental baggage and fear have changed the lives of such celebrities as Diddy, Bret Ratner, and 50 Cent.

Super Rich: A Guide to Having it All, gives its readers exactly what the title states, when you realize that being super rich is truly a result of needing nothing at all.

If you don’t know by the end of the book how the power of a sound mind and spirit can lead to a limitless future, than you’ll always be waiting to be super rich, and never experience the beauty of being rich through and through.


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