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Disappointing Scorcese mindbender due on DVD

Disappointing Scorcese mindbender due on DVDShutter Island

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorcese’s latest collaboration fails to measure up to The Departed, for it simply peters out after establishing a very promising premise. The movie was adapted from the best seller of the same name by Dennis Lehane, a psychological thriller set in 1954 off the coast of Massachusetts at Ashecliffe Mental Hospital for the Criminally-Insane.

As the film unfolds, we’re introduced to Federal Marshals Teddy Daniels (DiCaprio) and Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) as they head by ferry to the high-security facility to help handle a crisis situation. This deliberately-paced opening tableau is rather evocative of the Gothic horror genre, atmospherically, as the boat slowly breaks through a thick mist to reveal the eerie specter of an imposing edifice sitting high atop the tiny isle, ala the fog-shrouded mansion or castle of so many classic haunted house flicks.

Immigration drama recounts abandoned mom’s real-life struggle to survive in U.S.

Immigration drama recounts abandoned mom’s real-life struggle to survive in U.S.Entre Nos

Mariana (Paola Mendoza) had every reason to be optimistic when she arrived in New York City from Colombia with her 6 year-old daughter (Laura Montana Cortez) and 10 year-old son (Sebastian Villada Lopez) in tow. After all, she was rejoining her husband who had immigrated to the U.S. ahead of the rest of the family in order to get a solid foothold in the land of opportunity.

However, the sweet reunion proves to be short lived, after Antonio (Andres Munar) comes home very late from work one night with some good news and some bad news. The good news is that he’s just got a better job in Miami. The bad news is that his wife and children can’t relocate there with him, although he does promise to support them the interim until he’s sufficiently settled for them to move down, too.

But the creep simply skips town, and never bothers to send a penny or even offer any explanation. And by the time that the truth finally sinks in that Antonio has ostensibly abandoned her for a mistress, Mariana only has about $50 left to her name with rent due and mouths to feed. Since she barely speaks English, the desperate woman starts selling meat patties on the streets of Queens to keep a roof over their heads. When that proves disastrous, she and the kids have to resort to dumpster diving for recyclable cans and bottles to redeem.

Cancer researcher: Total quack or medical pioneer?

Cancer researcher: Total quack or medical pioneer?Burzynski

In the 1970s, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski discovered Antineoplastons, a family of pharmaceuticals which soon met with amazing success in treating cancer patients. One would think that the phenomenal results of the M.D./Ph.D.’s oncological research would be eagerly embraced by both the medical and drug manufacturing communities in the wake of such a groundbreaking discovery.

Unfortunately, this was not the case, ostensibly because cancer is big business, and there are billions of dollars to be made in its treatment. So, even though Dr. Burzynski’s life-saving, alternative gene therapy had better survival rates than conventional treatment with chemotherapy, surgery and/or radiation, he found himself ostracized by his colleagues and accused of being a quack by everyone from the National Cancer Institute to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Singing From the Heart

Singing From the HeartWhen it comes to mental health struggles, African Americans too often avoid conversation of a paralyzing issue such as depression. As natural as it for many of us to be plagued by the blues, for some it’s easier to try and ignore the fire, than it is to find a way out of the flames.

For mega star Jennifer Holliday, famed for her Tony Award winning portrayal of Effie in the Broadway musical Dream Girls, depression was a 10-year reality that refused to simmer out softy under the planks of her career.

“I suffered for many years from chronic depression,” Holliday shared with Insight News. “I was diagnosed with clinical depression after I tried to commit suicide in 1990. Many years before I was diagnosed, I had gone without help; suffering in silence, and mainly because back in the early 80s people in the entertainment industry didn’t talk about depression. It just wasn’t sexy to talk about mental health problems.”

2010 Minnesota Black Music Awards

2010 Minnesota Black Music AwardsThe Minneapolis Sound rocketed into music stardom with Prince and a secession of artists that created a unique style of rock and soul. The Minnesota Black Music Awards program returns July 16 with a salute to the 30th anniversary of the famed Minneapolis Sound 8 pm at the Pantages Theatre.

Launched in 1982, the Minnesota Black Music Awards has been the stage that showcased the best of the Minneapolis sound. Performing artists included: Prince, The Time, Mint Condition, Cherrelle, Alexander O’Neal, The Sounds of Blackness, Bobby Lyle, Lo Key, Next and other local and national artists.

Shallow Sirens Venture to Abu Dhabi for Another Vapid Adventure

Shallow Sirens Venture to Abu Dhabi for Another Vapid AdventureSex and the City 2

Perhaps not being female or not being privy to the original HBO series seriously limits one’s ability to appreciate the adaptations of Sex and the City. Regardless, this critic came away feeling the same about the sequel as I did about the original screen version. This installment is set a couple of years after the end of their first adventure, and again revolves around the camaraderie, carnality and conspicuous consumption of the shallowest quartet of spoiled, matronly New Yorkers you ever could hope to meet.

The story is narrated by Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) whose marriage to John James Preston (Chris Noth), aka Mr. Big, brought down the curtain on the previous episode. This time, the fun starts at the same-sex wedding of her relatively-elegant pal Stanford (Willie Garson) to a flamboyant queen (Mario Cantone) who crudely announces at the reception that he plans to cheat on his spouse.

Losing My Cool: How a Father’s Love and 15,000 Books Beat Hip-Hop Culture

Losing My Cool: How a Father’s Love and 15,000 Books Beat Hip-Hop Culture“Since the dawn of the hip-hop era in the 1970s, Black people have become increasingly freer and freer as individuals, with a wider range of possibilities spread out before us now than at any time in our past. Yet the circumstances of our collective life have degenerated in direct contrast to this fact, with a more impoverished vision of what it means to be Black today than ever before. If these exciting new circumstances we now find ourselves in, of which our president is the apotheosis, are to mean anything of lasting value, the zeitgeist… is going to have to change, too—permanently…

Will we, at long last, allow ourselves to abandon the instinct to self-sabotage and the narcissistic glorification of our own failure? Will the fact of daily exposure to a Black president in turn expose once and for all the lie that is and always has been keeping it real?
-- Excerpted from the Epilogue (pgs. 213-214i)
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