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Jul 04th

“The Best of Broadway” comes to West Broadway

“The Best of Broadway” comes to West BroadwayThe Capri Theater’s “Legends” series marks another first with “Down on Broadway,” two live performances on April 17 and 18 that will be recorded for CD release. Dennis Spears, the artistic director of the “Legends” series, headlines the show, with Sanford Moore on piano, Jay Young on bass, Daryl Boudreaux on percussion and Steven Jennings on drums. The song list will include hits from Funny Girl, Showboat, The Wiz, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

These live recordings will fulfill the idea that came to Spears during dress rehearsal for the first concert he directed at the theater three years ago, “Classic Capri,” which led to the creation of the “Legends” series.  “I have to do a recording in this space!” said Spears.  “From day one I realized that the Capri is, acoustically, a performer’s dream.” 

Spears said he developed the title “Down on Broadway” after the Manhattan Broadway. “This big, beautiful space is bursting with gifts,” he said.  Using the concert as the basis for his first CD in six years is also a natural. “I like the spontaneity of a live recording.  I’m a live performer.  I’ll be pushing the audience to push me,” said Spears.

Haunted House on Remote Island Serves as Setting for Old Fashioned Fright Flick

Haunted House on Remote Island Serves as Setting for Old Fashioned Fright FlickThe Black Waters of Echo’s Pond

Ever since the Scream trilogy so successfully parodied the horror movie genre, few directors have dared to try to make a traditional scary movie featuring all the tried and true conventions. But with The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond, Gabriel Bologna has served up an old-fashioned fright flick reminiscent of a Vincent Price classic.

First of all, you have the perfect setting, a spooky Victorian mansion located on a remote island off the coast of Maine. Then you factor in the place’s cursed history, since everyone there had perished 80 years before while playing an evil, ritualistic board game.

Today, Beacon Island has only one inhabitant, Pete (Robert Patrick), a grizzled geezer who patrols the grounds with his trusty gun. The grouchy caretaker has grudgingly agreed to let a group of young people use the house for what they expect to be a fun-filled weekend of imbibing and carousing.

"Tavis Smiley" enters Minneapolis late-night lineup

Beginning today, Monday, April 5, Minneapolis viewers will be able to watch Tavis Smiley’s unique take on the headlines as he interviews top newsmakers and celebrities at a new timeslot.

"I’m really happy to be coming to TPT Life in late-night” says Tavis Smiley. “This gives us the opportunity to bring our mix of politics, culture and social issues to folks who enjoy tuning in at the end of the day.”

My Holy Bible for African-American Children

My Holy Bible for African-American Children“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.” – President Barack Obama
”Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
-- Inspirational quotes in Bible for Blacks kids

Given that this is the Easter Season, Christian parents might like to check out this new Bible specifically designed with Black children in mind. This edition of the Good Book is basically the complete King James Version, but augmented by Cheryl and Wade Hudson to make it more appealing to African-American youngsters and teenagers.

For instance, Adam and Eve are brown-skinned in the illustrations. This only makes sense since the oldest human fossils unearthed by archeologists were found in Africa. Another bright-colored drawing features what appears to be Harriet Tubman leading a few fugitive slaves to safety via the Underground Railroad. A hint that it’s Harriet is that her skirt is fashioned out of a Canadian flag, and Canada was the final station on her perilous trek along the freedom trail.

Bone Thugs And Harmony in Minneapolis

Bone Thugs And Harmony in MinneapolisWith arms raised to the sky and an endless sea of heads bobbing to the beat like waves crashing against a levy, the main room at First Avenue Night Club was moving in sync with Bones Thugs-N-Harmony. The group reminded us why real Hip Hop transcends decades and levels any change in seasons.

Kicking off their latest tour with the first stop on their multi-city ticket being in Minneapolis, the hit makers, who were short Bizzy Bone (a founding member) Bones Thugs-N-Harmony took to the stage with a bevy of classic tracks and a celebration of new beginnings, by offering the crowd a seamless show that had everyone in the room wishing that they could freeze time and remain in the Crossroads of their infamous live music catalog.


Mo’Nique Imes was born on December 11, 1967 in Baltimore which is where she started her showbiz career as a stand-up comedienne on a dare a couple of decades ago. From there, she gained visibility and immense popularity with performances on “Showtime at the Apollo,” HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam,” “Apollo Comedy Hour” HBO’s “Snaps,” BET’s “Comic View,” The Montreal Comedy Festival and Uptown Comedy Club.

Janet in Control

Janet in Control The “Why Did I Get Married Too” Interview

Born in Gary, Indiana on May 16, 1966, Janet Damita Jo Jackson entered show business at the tender age of 7 when she appeared onstage with her already famous elder siblings at the MGM in Las Vegas. This debut, was followed by appearances at 9 on her family’s variety show “The Jacksons” which, in turn, led to starring and recurring roles on such hit sitcoms as "Good Times," “Diff’rent Strokes," and "Fame."

At 14, Janet signed her first recording deal. Placing acting on the back burner to focus on her first love, music, she went on to enjoy extraordinary success upon the release of her breakthrough album, Control in 1986. Over the course of her ensuing musical career, she has thus far accumulated five Grammys, multiple MTV Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and Soul Train Music Awards, to name a few. As an artist, Janet excites, enlightens, leads, and embraces her fans with insights into life's meaning while touching their deepest feelings. 
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