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Feb 13th

Ready… Set… Action! Ms. Jackson

Ready… Set… Action! Ms. JacksonJanet Jackson The “For Colored Girls” Interview

Global icon, trendsetter, businesswoman, and multi-talented entertainer, Janet Damita Jo Jackson is a woman who needs no introduction. Her resume reveals an impressive combination of professional achievements and philanthropic endeavors, and she is currently ranked as one of the top ten best-selling solo artists in the history of contemporary music.

Through words and deeds, Janet has set an example of generosity, of empowerment, of tolerance, while leading an array of efforts addressing some of society's greatest challenges. She has raised money for such charities such as the Cities in Schools and America's Promise. She has supported the Watts Willowbrook Boys & Girls Club of America, the Starlight Foundation, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, A Place Called Home (providing after school programs in South Central, Los Angeles), the American Foundation for AIDS Research, S.O.S. Children's Villages in South Africa, Cartier's Love Bracelet Program benefiting OCNA and sponsored an Airlift of Food and Medical supplies to famine-stricken Rwanda.

Brilliant debut by Damien Chazelle deconstructs failed romance

Brilliant debut by Damien Chazelle deconstructs failed romanceGuy and Madeline on a Park Bench

Melancholy Madeline (Desiree Garcia) sits alone freezing on a park bench in Boston contemplating what just happened after being dumped by her boyfriend on a chilly, wintry day. Meanwhile, her equally-wistful ex (Jason Palmer) trudges home through the snow with his trumpet slung lazily over his shoulder. Upon arriving at his apartment, in utter resignation Guy removes a picture from the wall taken of the two of them during much happier times.

This is the poignant point of departure of Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench, an intriguing flashback flick deconstructing the demise of a young couple’s troubled relationship. The picture is finally finding its way into theaters after receiving rave reviews a year ago on the festival circuit. The delay might be explained by the colorblind casting featuring an African-American opposite a Latina in the title roles, both of whom by the way display an enviable versatility while turning in a pair of powerful performances.

My Black Is Beautiful TV Series returns to BET Networks

My Black Is Beautiful TV Series returns to BET Networks My Black is Beautiful television series will return to BET Networks for a third season Sunday, November 7, 2010 at  12:30P.M EST. The show is an extension of Procter & Gamble's My Black is Beautiful campaign, which celebrates the diversity of African-American women and encourages Black women to promote their own beauty standard.

Hosted by actress/comedienne Kim Coles and TV personality Alesha Renee, the six-episode show is excited to welcome its newest cast member, actress Vanessa Williams. This dynamic trio will use their varying life experiences to deliver energetic, relevant and informative half-hour series that will present a national forum for Black women to talk about their most important beauty, health and quality-of-life matters.

The Hill House Chamber Players in concert

The Hill House Chamber Players is the resident ensemble of the historic James J. Hill House.  Now in their 25th season at the mansion, they perform a regular series in the art gallery of the Hill House, co-sponsored by The Schubert Club and Minnesota Historical Society.  The unique instrumentation of the group includes classical guitar along with violin, viola, cello and piano. Each concert in the series is planned with a unique keyboard from the Schubert Club Museum's historic collection.

Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at Work

 Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at Work“There are many possible interpretations of what it means to create dangerously, and Albert Camus… suggests that it is creating as a revolt against silence, creating when both the creation and the reception, the writing and the reading, are dangerous undertakings, disobedience as a directive…

Create dangerously, for people who read dangerously. This is always what I’ve thought it meant to be a writer. Writing, knowing in part that no matter how trivial your words may seem, someday, somewhere, someone may risk his or her life to read them.

Coming from where I come from, with the history I have—having spent the first twelve years of my life under both dictatorships of Papa Doc and his son, Jean-Claude—this is what I’ve always seen as the unifying principle among all writers."
-- Excerpted from Chapter One (pgs. 10-11)

Twin Cities Black Film Festival showcases unique talent

Twin Cities Black Film Festival showcases unique talentFor years the Twin Cities Black Film Festival has celebrated African Americans in the arts and entertainment field by showcasing movies from around the world that explore and promote our unique cinematic endeavors.

This year, the festival, founded by Natalie Morrow eight years ago, brought with it a dynamic opening-night film produced by Effie T. Brown entitled, The Inheritance. This project is one of a few Black horror films which stars Golden Brooks, Darrin Dewitt Henson and Shawn Michael Howard. The feature was made here in Stillwater, MN in 2008.

Slaphappy Stuntmen Serve-Up Jaw-Dropping, 3D Sequel

Slaphappy Stuntmen Serve-Up Jaw-Dropping, 3D SequelJackass 3D

No movies have made me squirm in my seat and shout out loud more than those in the Jackass franchise, and this 3D version is no exception. Yes, Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O and the rest of their merry band of intrepid stuntmen have returned for another round of jaw-dropping, death-defying feats.

Make no mistake, the picture is based on locker room antics apt to offend females despite simultaneously appealing to males in much the same way The Three Stooges inexplicably touch men’s primordial chord while being completely lost on women. I don’t know what it is about just the right combination of comedy and slapstick violence, but Moe, Larry and Curly knew what they were doing, and so do Jackass’ practical jokers.
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