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Jul 07th

Mo’Nique's “Spread the Love” Comedy Tour

Mo’Nique's “Spread the Love” Comedy TourMo’Nique brings her “Spread the Love” Comedy Tour
to the State Theatre, Friday, May 14, 2010

Mo’Nique, the Academy Award-winning actress and comedienne, brings her “Spread the Love” Comedy Tour to Hennepin Theatre Trust’s State Theatre on Friday, May 14, 2010 at 8 p.m. A 2010 Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner for her role as the abusive mother Mary Jones in the film “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire,” Mo’Nique also has a top-rated BET late night talk show, “The Mo’Nique Show.” Joining Mo’Nique on tour is her BET counterpart, comedian and actor Rodney Perry, and comedian Tone-X and DJ Ant. Visit or call 1.800.982.2787 for tickets or more information.

The Midwest Greek Stepshow “Steps” up its game

The Midwest Greek Stepshow “Steps” up its gameThe 8th Annual Midwest Greek Stepshow takes place April 24 at the Northrup Auditorium. Event organizers have promised that this year’s event is to be the best yet.

There is no greater promise than the brilliant minds of our youth on college and university campuses across America. In the African American collegiate community it is the many historic Greek-themed fraternity and sorority organizations that often lead in accomplishment and community activity. These groups instill standards of ethics and achievement in their membership, which results in masses of community service, and a bevy of the greatest achievers ever known in Black History. And when they get done being socially impactful, they make another kind of social impact through a stomp, a clap, a shimmy, and an occasional tap. Steppin’ is the brand of dance they do, and they do it to celebrate being young leaders on the right path.

James Cameron’s box office bonanza arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray

James Cameron’s box office bonanza arrives on DVD and Blu-RayAvatar - DVD Review

James Cameron wrote the script for Avatar back in 1994, but was unable to turn his vision into a movie until now because, as he explains it, he had to wait for technological innovations to catch up to his expectations of the 3-D spectacular. The eagerly-anticipated adventure revolves around a socially-relevant story so thoroughly compelling that its nearly 3-hour running time flies by in a flash. Furthermore, this cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked military might and corporate greed also features a tenderhearted cross-species romance.

Expose’ uncovers Cronyism at heart of N.J. Public Education System

Expose’ uncovers Cronyism at heart of N.J. Public Education SystemThe Cartel - Film Review

I got the shock of my life soon after graduating from college when I tried teaching in an inner city public school. I was totally unprepared for an educational system which had already failed the students entering my high school English classes. Since I had only attended parochial schools, I was unfamiliar with the practice of awarding social promotions which sent functional-illiterates on to the next grade even though they had never learned to read.

Before I left to look for another line of work at the end of the year, I never really received an adequate answer from the head of my department as to why I was being forced to pass 90% of the kids in my class, when less than a third had mastered the material. What good would it do them to get a diploma, if they couldn’t really read, write or do basic arithmetic?

Roland reflects on Obama’s historic run for the White House

Roland reflects on Obama’s historic run for the White HouseRoland Martin; “The First” Interview

Between Barack Obama’s declaring his candidacy for the Presidency and Election Day 2008, Roland Martin filed hundreds of reports about the campaign in his capacity as a political correspondent for CNN and TV-One Networks, as well as a radio talk show host and a nationally-syndicated columnist. Furthermore, Martin was also occasionally afforded access to Obama for intimate, 1-on-1 interviews. So, it only makes sense that he would decide to publish “The First: President Barack Obama’s Road to the White House as Originally Reported by Roland S. Martin,” a book recounting Obama’s historic run for the White House.

Tyler Perry & company in Bahamas for battle-of-the-sexes

Tyler Perry & company in Bahamas for battle-of-the-sexesWhy Did I Get Married Too

For years, four very close couples, friends since college, have been taking an annual vacation together to luxurious getaway spots to reconnect, reminisce, and reflect on the state of their marital relationships. Their previous reunion at a Colorado ski lodge proved very eventful, especially for the emotionally-abused Sheila (Jill Scott), who eventually summoned up the courage to dump her openly-unfaithful husband, Mike (Richard T. Jones), a creep brazen enough to bring his mistress along.

This go round, these unusually-introspective revelers made reservations at an oceanfront resort in the Bahamas, where just as much melodrama is about to unfold. But this time Mike’s the third wheel, because Sheila’s now remarried to Troy (Lamman Rucker), the local cop who rescued her like a knight in shining armor in a blizzard back in the Rocky Mountains.

Bittersweet Flashback Flick Follows Orphan’s Tragic Trajectory

Bittersweet Flashback Flick Follows Orphan’s Tragic TrajectoryWomen's Prison

Julie Ann (Gemma Lee) spent her formative years watching her mom (Katie Madonna Lee) suffer the wrath of her father’s violent outbursts. Eventually, Susan Mabry decided enough was enough, and split, taking her young daughter in tow. The two proceeded to take refuge in a series of seedy motels in a futile attempt to stay a step ahead of the venomous monster. But eventually, the creep did manage to track them down, whereupon he murdered his wife in cold blood.

The sudden loss sent the traumatized little girl’s life into a downward spiral, setting off a chain of events from which she would never recover. For despite the fact that she was subsequently adopted by her Aunt Marsha (Kelly Daisy) and Uncle Vic (Paul Frye), a couple of Bible-thumping Evangelicals, Julie Anne continued to find herself plagued by further dysfunction during her adolescence, mostly at the hands of malevolent males.
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