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Oct 23rd

Book Review: Michael Jackson: The King of Pop

Book Review: Michael Jackson: The King of Pop“I have admired and adored Michael Jackson from the first time I heard his name and listened to his music. I have never been more fascinated by an entertainer before or since…

As a huge Michael Jackson fan and as a writer, I wanted to do something and give back to the entertainer for all the good feelings he has given to me and so many fans across this country and others. My gift to Michael is this positive book about his life and his music career.


Book review: The Love Ethic by Kamau and Akilah Butler

Book review: The Love Ethic by Kamau and Akilah Butler“I think the notion of Black love in this book is an answer to the hatred that has taken place between Black men and Black women. Something has been poured in the waters of the Black community that has made hate and animosity more understood than love itself...

Reading this book will hopefully spark the necessary conversation needed to find the love within ourselves to connect to one another again… Any community dialogue involving healing, relationships, or renewal will find this book an essential tool, thus making it possible to find and totally unlock the love that has been missing between the Black man and woman.


Couple searches for place to raise child in unorthodox road comedy

Couple searches for place to raise child in unorthodox road comedyVerona (Maya Rudolph) is six months pregnant, but it doesn’t look like she put much thought into whether she was ready to bring a baby into the world. After all, she’s repeatedly informed her slacker boyfriend, Burt (Jon Krasinski), that she’ll never marry him.

Book review: “Start Where You Are” by Chris Gardner

Book review: “Start Where You Are” by Chris GardnerThis summer, you’re really going to do it. There’s no other choice.

You’ve stalled long enough. No more dragging your feet. You need some sort of income, so you’ve decided to start your own business, change careers, take on additional responsibility.


Book review: “Our Children Can Soar” by Michelle Cook

Book review: “Our Children Can Soar” by Michelle CookIf you could change anything in the world, what would you fix?

Would you change it so your parents are home with you more, or would you take them on a far-away vacation? Maybe you’d make the sky green and the grass red or you’d make a No-Bedtime Before Nine O’Clock rule. Perhaps you’d give everyone jobs and food, or you’d be sure that there was no war, ever again.


‘All that’s left now is his music’

‘All that’s left now is his music’WASHINGTON (NNPA) – Michael Jackson. The name itself is synonymous with music legend. That is why reports of his death from cardiac arrest June 25 continue to stun fans around the world.

As details of this surreal story continue to unfold, the one thing that remains clear is that the revolutionary music of this dazzling icon called the “King of Pop” will live forever.

Book review: "Maneater"

Maybe you go way back to grade school or before, or maybe you met on the job three years ago. She’s got your passwords and you’ve got her favorite shoes in your closet. You’ve swapped homework, advice, and secrets. And when things are rough, your girls are in speed-dial and they’ll come running.
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