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Oct 07th

Black Pearl Sings Review

Black Pearl Sings ReviewThe latest production to grace the stage of Penumbra Theatre is a piece that not only challenges the heart, but also reminds everyone who sees this production that within all of our differences comes a stroke of similarity.

Keke Palmer appears on The Tyra Show

Keke Palmer appears on The Tyra ShowWhile in New York for Fashion Week, Nickelodeon star Keke Palmer appeared on “The Tyra Show,” which airs this Monday, March 1. Catch Keke every Saturday on “True Jackson, VP” at 8:30pm ET/PT.

Irreverent horror comedy arrives on Blu-Ray

General Lee Roy (Robin Watkins), a rank and file member of the Ku Klux Klan, also happens to be the CEO of American Chicken Bunker, a leading chain of fast food restaurants. The General has decided to go forward with plans to build his next franchise atop a sacred Native American burial ground, ignoring some very vocal local opposition.

Chris Rock’s lighthearted look at sisters’ ‘dos arrives on DVD

If you were raised in an African-American community, then you’re probably very familiar with the notion of “good hair,” a term that’s generally applied to folks born with wavy locks which are less trouble to take care of than the more tightly-curled or nappy variety. Back in the Sixties, at the dawn of the black pride movement, the afro was embraced as an alternative to adhering to the white standard of beauty associated with straight hair. But the peasy natural proved to be a short-lived fad which unfortunately has pretty much gone the way of the dashiki and the dinosaur.

Campy spoof of blaxploitation era comes to blu-ray

In recent years, some leading directors have seen fit to pay tribute to the Blaxploitation Era of the Seventies, for instance, Malcolm Lee with Undercover Brother and Quentin Tarantino with Jackie Brown. But where the former was clearly a parody and the latter more of an homage, it’s not so easy to tell exactly what director Scott Sanders is going for in the case of Black Dynamite, a satire or a drama to be taken at face value.

PBS documentary revisits rise of Jazz Age in Paris

The period between World War I and World War II was marked by a cultural renaissance in Paris when a vibrant community of African-American musicians thrived in a section of the city called Montmartre. Many of the initial expatriates to settle there were black U.S. Army veterans who preferred to remain in France rather than return to the repressive system of segregation which awaited them back home in America. Another plus was the French’s rabid enthusiasm for jazz and their appreciation of it as a very sophisticated and innovative art form.

Wendy Williams on Natalie Cole’s past drug addiction and moving forward

Wendy Williams on Natalie Cole’s past drug addiction and moving forwardWendy: Natalie, you’ve been a big sister in my head, and I’ve explained what that is, I went through a thing, and you were already over your thing with drugs in a lot of ways, and, I don’t know, we come from similar families regarding much is expected and there’s no room for mistakes especially being black in this country and trying to move ahead and do things. Your mother and your father put down such a thing for you and you messed it up with drugs.
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