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Sep 03rd

Wacky sitcom about a writer-turned-bank robber comes to DVD

Sick and tired of being a starving writer and having to support himself in a never-ending series of temp jobs, Max (Spencer Berger) decides to mull his options. Then, while being consoled in a diner by his best friends, Tommy (Brian D. Phelan) and Dave (Gabriel Tigerman), he impulsively walks directly across the street to pull off a brazen bank robbery in the middle of the day.

Alternative tales unfold following flip of a coin on Brooklyn Bridge

Kate (Lynn Collins) and Bobby (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a carefree young couple living in NYC, are weighing their options about how to spend 4th of July as they walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. On the one hand, they could attend her tight-knit, Argentinian family’s picnic, although that would probably involve dealing with pressure from her parents to settle down and get married. On the other hand, they could simply saunter into Manhattan for whatever serendipitous adventure might lay in wait.

DVD chronicles semester at striptease academy

On the few occasions I’ve been to strip clubs to attend bachelor’s parties, I’ve always left depressed over how unappetizing the dancers were. Invariably, they’ve struck me as godawful actresses rather than the nymphomaniacs they pretended to be in order to separate me from my money as fast as possible. Furthermore, I could see right through their lame acts to the sad truth that many of these desperate drug addicts needed to sleep with customers to support their habits. Not my fantasy.

Bio-pic chronicles the life and times of late civil rights lawyer

William Kunstler (1919-1995) was one of the most reviled figures of the 20th Century. For he was an attorney who not only represented controversial causes and unpopular people, but his approach in the courtroom involved exposing the racism and classicism permeating the legal justice system.
Always ahead of his time, Kunstler’s lifelong commitment to civil rights began when he went to Mississippi to defend Freedom Riders being arrested for trying to integrate lunch counters and other public accommodations. No hypocrite, he cared just as much about equality in his hometown of Rye, NY, where he successfully sued on behalf of a Black couple trying to move into the lily-white enclave in 1960.

Book review: “Role of a Lifetime” by James Brown (with Nathan Whitaker)

Book review: “Role of a Lifetime” by James Brown (with Nathan Whitaker)It’s Sunday afternoon, and there’s nowhere else you’d rather be than in front of your TV. You’ve got chips, liquid refreshment, the remote, and you’re wearing your lucky slippers. Gotta support the team, you know.

Book review: The Conversation: How Black Men and Women Can Build Loving, Trusting Relationships

Book review: The Conversation: How Black Men and Women Can Build Loving, Trusting Relationships“One of the things I’ve heard a lot from young brothers and sisters during my recent travels is ‘I want a woman like Michelle’ or ‘Why can’t I meet a together brother like Barack?’ In truth, they might be that person every day. These young people are seeing the finished product, the result of years and years of work and struggle…

South African docudrama chronicles demise of apartheid

South African docudrama chronicles demise of apartheidWhile most people are well aware of the years of civil unrest which led to the demise of Apartheid in 1994, not as many know about the secret talks that simultaneously transpired for almost a decade between the South African government and the African National Congress (ANC), the political party spearheading the independence movement. Since the racist regime officially opposed the notion of negotiating with terrorists, President P.W. Botha (Timothy West) couldn’t let the white minority know that he had, in fact, dispatched an emissary to England to meet with a representative of the outlawed ANC.
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