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Feb 14th

Disgraced attorney seeks redemption in crime thriller

Disgraced attorney seeks redemption in crime thrillerIf you enjoy trying to solve a cerebral, multi-layered mystery, then get yourself to a theater to see this cleverly-conceived whodunit before anybody has a chance to spoil it for you. Based on Michael Connelly’s best-seller of the same name, this intricate thriller is directed by Brad Furman (The Take) and stars Matthew McConaughey in the title role. He plays the sort of down on his luck attorney audiences just love to root for, an empathetic underdog in need of redemption, reminiscent of the recovering alcoholic Paul Newman portrays in The Verdict in an Oscar-winning performance.

Book review: D.C. Unmasked & Undressed

Book review: D.C. Unmasked & Undressed“D.C. Unmasked & Undressed is a memoir. The story of my life includes events, characters and insights related to my miserable childhood, my legal career, and my varied sexual adventures. It can be summarized as: Girl from dysfunctional family meets boy from same…

I worked hard and played hard, too. Along the way, and for several years, I was the not-so-secret lover of a sitting Supreme Court Justice who has recently published his own memoir… His name is Clarence Thomas.” (Excerpted from the Introduction—“Rules Rule”. pg. xiii)

America I AM: Pass It Down Cookbook

America I AM: Pass It Down CookbookAs the Facebook era drifts into every household making the social experience an electronic ordeal, the tradition of family dining is also becoming extinct. Fast food restaurants, and local eateries have begun to take precedence over the former “ooh’s & ahh’s” of the aromatic bread baking in your mother’s oven, or the tasting of sauces and gravies that once simmered atop the stove. However, one man seeks to remind, and redefine the traditions of African American meal time by introducing us to his latest endeavor, The America I AM: Pass It Down Cookbook, a compilation of over 130 recipes, and essays celebrating the tradition of soul food cooking, edited by Chef Jeff Henderson.

Soul legend Willie Murphy wins 2010 Sally Award

Soul legend Willie Murphy wins 2010 Sally AwardThe Ordway Center for the Performing Arts this week named West  Bank bluesman Willie Murphy as 2010 Sally Ordway Irvine Awards honoree for the category of life time commitment. A soul, R&B, blues and rock legend, Murphy is a  charter member of the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame, he has performed with everyone from Jefferson Airplane and Joan Baez to Muddy Waters and Carl Perkins.

Born in Minneapolis, Murphy started playing the piano at age four and soon developed a passion for rhythm and blues. It was while hanging around the West Bank music scene that he met folk musician “Spider” John Koerner. Together they began to write songs and tour the club and festival circuit, eventually producing the iconic Elektra release “Running, Jumping, Standing Still” and landing a top spot at the 1969 Newport Folk Festival. But Murphy was eager to return to his R&B roots, and formed a new band, Willie and the Bees, that went on to become underground legends. The Bees were also featured on Bonnie Raitt’s first Warner Bros. album that Willie produced in 1971. After the Bees’ final gig in 1984, Murphy started playing solo blues and rock piano, and launched his own label, Atomic Theory, which produced great local musicians like Becky Thompson, Boiled in Lead and The New International Trio. Now, Murphy surprises his fans once again with his new genre-bending release on Red House Records, “A Shot of Love in a Time of Need,” featuring soul, jazz, funk, rock and folk.

Hill Harper Interview

Hill Harper InterviewWhen love is on the menu, what do you do if the choices aren’t made to order? According to author/actor Hill Harper, who wrote the stunning book—The Conversation: How Black Men and Women Can Build Loving, Trusting Relationships—love is more than just about finding the perfect match, it also means ditching the fairytales and fantasy, and realizing that love is really what we make of it.

Harper, who is also a current regular on CSI: New York, sat down with Insight News to discuss his book, and illustrate his continued journey of helping African American’s rebuild loving relationships through power of conversation.

Muhammad selected for educational exchange in China

Muhammad selected for educational exchange in ChinaAamina Muhammad, a senior studying dance at the Arts High School at Perpich Center in Golden Valley, has been selected to go to Luoyang, China for a unique two-week educational and cultural exchange.

Aamina, 18, daughter of Fatima Muhammad, will be part of a group of eight students and two teachers who will represent the Perpich Center for Arts Education.

The students will attend high school and will live in a residential dorm at Luoyang #1 Senior High School and will spend weekends in home stays with local Chinese host families.

Disgraced Vet Gets Shot At Redemption in Apocalyptic Sci-fi

Disgraced Vet Gets Shot At Redemption in Apocalyptic Sci-fiBetween an apocalyptic plotline and a $100+ million budget, it’s no wonder that Battle:LA is being touted as the first summer blockbuster of 2011. Forget the fact that it’s still winter, from the breathtaking panoramas to the bombastic pyrotechnics to the eye-popping FX to the mob scenes of mass hysteria, this film is filled with fixings which just scream 4th of July weekend.

And provided you’re prematurely in the mood for such unseasonably-overblown fare, Battle:LA won’t disappoint. Directed by Jonathan Liebesman (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel), this high-impact, action flick revolves around the daring exploits of a rag-tag team of Marines representing the last hope for humanity in the wake of an alien invasion which is decimating the planet.
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