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Nov 21st

(Kams Kapsules) Films opening April 10, 2009

(Kams Kapsules) Films opening April 10, 2009Weekly previews that make choosing a film fun. For movies opening April 10, 2009.



(Review) “We Are the Ship”, words and paintings by Kadir Nelson

Every year about this time, you begin to think maybe you don’t want to grow up to be a rock star or a hip-hop singer. Forget about programming computers or making the next great video game.
About this time – when the weather gets warm and bats come out – your thoughts turn to baseball. This year, you’ll hit one out of the park. You’ll hear cheers as you round the bases. Some day, you’ll be a star.


Book review: More than Just Race: Being Black and Poor in the Inner City

“This book will likely generate controversy because I dare to take culture seriously as one of the explanatory variables in the study of race and urban poverty—a topic that is typically considered off-limits in academic discourse because of a fear that such analysis can be construed as ‘blaming the victim.’ Nonetheless, I hope I can convince the reader of the urgent need for a more frank and honest discussion of complex factors that create and reinforce racial inequality and to rethink the way we talk about addressing the problems of race and urban poverty in the public policy arena.”
- Excerpted from Chapter One (page 4)


All that Laz

All that LazLaz Alonso was born in Washington, DC, to first-generation immigrants who were refugees from Cuba. Although he developed a passion for acting at an early age, Laz initially pursued a seemingly more practical career in finance after his graduation from Howard University where he had majored in business. However, since he found it impossible to ignore his true calling, it was not long before he began going out on auditions while working in New York City as an investment banker.

Book review:“The Long Fall” by Walter Mosley

Book review:“The Long Fall” by Walter MosleyThe buzzword for today is “networking”.

Networking is easy; you’ve probably been doing it all your life and barely realized it. You tell friends about a good hairdresser, a decent mechanic, a trustworthy housecleaner. They, in turn, give you names of a good accountant, a decent tutor, a trustworthy babysitter. You make connections. You put people in touch with others.


Master artists reflect on healing power of Afro-Cuban music

Master artists reflect on healing power of Afro-Cuban musicWain talked with Juan De Marcos Gonzales, leader of the Afro-Cuban All Stars following their phenomenal performance at the Minneapolis Orchestra Hall. Wain told de Marcos Gonzales about their music providing him a bridge to ancestral realms and a soundscape for his exploration of separate realities.

Book review: “The Best of Everything” by Kimberla Lawson Roby

Book review: “The Best of Everything” by Kimberla Lawson RobySometimes, your soul just needs a little splurge.

Even in this economy, there are times when a mocha-latte with extra foam can make all the difference in your day. A new CD can be a necessity. Even a pair of earrings from the Dollar Store can lift your spirits when they need lifting the most.

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