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Dec 22nd

Film review: American Violet examines famous Texas case

Film review: American Violet examines famous Texas caseOn November 2, 2000, drug enforcement agents executed a sweep of the Black community in the tiny town of Hearne, TX, arresting 27 African American residents, including a grieving father who was taken into custody during the funeral of his young daughter. The bench warrants had been issued by the county on the word of an informant who claimed to have purchased crack from each of the accused, despite the fact that the ex-con was the sole eyewitness, had a history of mental illness, and was himself facing criminal charges at the time.

Filmmaker a success, despite geographical odds

Filmmaker a success, despite geographical oddsFor any other city kid growing up in a single parent home amidst the allure of the mean streets of New York City, the end result from looming in the shadows of continual chaos, could've easily led to a journey ending in demise. However, for author and filmmaker Nelson George, an ability to supersede the statistical guidelines attributed to living life in the ghetto is not only a testimony of his determinate will, but also a notation of the strength that rests at his core.

(Kams Kapsules) Films opening April 17, 2009

Weekly previews that make choosing a film fun. Films opening April 17, 2009.

Easter Sunday with Kem

Easter Sunday with KemR&B artist Kem will bring a little intimacy back to Minneapolis when he performs at Epic on Easter Sunday, April 12 . Kem's performance will include tracks off Kem III: Intimacy, his highly anticipated follow-up to his Gold albums Kemistry and Kem: Album II.

Kem III: Intimacy, is a musical testimony of love, life, and the promises that lay within the atmosphere of coming together in love's proximity. Still embodying the same sound that gave us  "Love Calls" and "I Can't Stop Loving You," Kem's latest album doesn't depart from the unique appeal we're used to, but it shows a considerable level of growth in his  journey as an artist and a producer.


(Kams Kapsules) Films opening April 10, 2009

(Kams Kapsules) Films opening April 10, 2009Weekly previews that make choosing a film fun. For movies opening April 10, 2009.



(Review) “We Are the Ship”, words and paintings by Kadir Nelson

Every year about this time, you begin to think maybe you don’t want to grow up to be a rock star or a hip-hop singer. Forget about programming computers or making the next great video game.
About this time – when the weather gets warm and bats come out – your thoughts turn to baseball. This year, you’ll hit one out of the park. You’ll hear cheers as you round the bases. Some day, you’ll be a star.


Book review: More than Just Race: Being Black and Poor in the Inner City

“This book will likely generate controversy because I dare to take culture seriously as one of the explanatory variables in the study of race and urban poverty—a topic that is typically considered off-limits in academic discourse because of a fear that such analysis can be construed as ‘blaming the victim.’ Nonetheless, I hope I can convince the reader of the urgent need for a more frank and honest discussion of complex factors that create and reinforce racial inequality and to rethink the way we talk about addressing the problems of race and urban poverty in the public policy arena.”
- Excerpted from Chapter One (page 4)

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