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Sep 17th

Mark Wahlberg stars in adaptation of memoir about ambush of Navy SEALs in Afghanistan

Mark Wahlberg stars in adaptation of memoir about ambush of Navy SEALs in AfghanistanOn June 28, 2005, a team of Navy SEALs based in Afghanistan were issued orders in accordance with Operation Red Wings to locate and terminate a Taliban leader whose militia had been targeting coalition troops in the Kush Mountains of Kunar Province. The four were then dropped by helicopter line into rugged terrain outside the tiny village suspected of harboring Al-Qaida sympathizers.

The 'It List' 2013

The 'It List' 2013Now that we are just days into 2014, let's take a look back at some of the major entertainment happenings of 2013 in the Twin Cities.

Before we start, let's be clear this retrospect is presented with no empirical data – there were no pollsters out at malls or restaurants asking each shopper/diner for their insights, though unofficial Facebook polls were taken. The accounting firm of Price Waterhouse Coopers was not charged with tabulating the results. Nielsen was not called in to rate the list – the Aesthetically Speaking It List of 2013.

Kanye West faces lawsuit over "Bound 2" sample

Kanye West faces lawsuit over Ricky Spicer was just 12 years old when he sang about being "Bound" to fall for the girl of his dreams on the 1971 album "2+2+1= Ponderosa Twins Plus One."

Now 56, the retired Cleveland native has resurfaced–not to restart his career but to defend his old work from "Yeezus."

Flo Anthony: The Deadly Stuff Players interview

Flo Anthony: The Deadly Stuff Players interviewFlo Anthony is a syndicated celebrity radio host, columnist. The first African-American woman to work in the sports, entertainment and the renowned Page Six departments of the New York Post, as well as the first African-American to pen a column in the National Examiner, her work currently appears in the New York Daily News, Resident Magazine, the New York Amsterdam News and other newspapers.

Blacktrospective 2013

Blacktrospective 2013Kam's Annual Assessment of the Best in Black Cinema

Art Basel Miami: 2013

Art Basel Miami: 2013This blogged experience is presented by ADDAM

The Quiet Lion:
Nate and I are in a taxi, slowly getting through Miami traffic. The mood just shifted due to a text on my cell phone from my mother. Pres Mandela died today at 95. Damn. Both Nate and I are attending Art Basel Miami to network and rub shoulders with some of the who's who in the art world.

Book Review

Book Review"Extracurriculars are ruining Jack Strong's life. His parents have overscheduled his week with every afterschool activity you can think of, all on top of regular seventh-grade homework. They want him to be well-rounded and ready for college.
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