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Sep 01st

Jaded teacher and single-mom join forces in uplifting tale of female empowerment

Jaded teacher and single-mom join forces in uplifting tale of female empowermentIn 2010, California passed the nation's first "Parent Trigger Law," a bill which enables a neighborhood with an underperforming public school to fire the principal, replace the staff and convert it to a charter, provided a majority of the parents with students attending it sign a petition. The legislation has proved very controversial thus far, with opponents alleging that the measure is merely anti-union, whereas the sponsors call it an overdue reform intended to give kids stuck in so-called "dropout factories" a fair chance.

Area filmmakers strike gold indie horror film

Area filmmakers strike gold indie horror filmFor Twin Cities made feature film "After the Dawn," a happy accident quickly transitioned into something greater than either director Mitchel A. Jones, and actress Nicole Kruex ever expected.

Voila! It’s Viola!

Voila! It’s Viola!Viola Davis
The "Won't Back Down" Interview

Viola Davis was born on August 11, 1965 on her grandmother's farm in St. Matthews, South Carolina, but raised by her parents in Central Falls, Rhode Island. After earning a degree in theater from Rhode Island College in 1988, she went on to do post-graduate work at the prestigious Juilliard School prior to embarking on a critically-acclaimed professional career.


Cirque Du Soleil's “Dralion”

Cirque Du Soleil's “Dralion”Engaging local audiences for only a short weekend, Cirque Du Soleil’s enchanting masterpiece, "Dralion" had its reemergence in the Twin Cities at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis.

Mint Condition @ the speed of life

Mint Condition @ the speed of lifeWhen it comes to the music industry, Mint Condition is a rarity.

Paranoid Dreams from D’Souza

Paranoid Dreams from D’SouzaParanoid and delusional thinking is defined as the generalized distrust and suspicion of others. Individuals suffering from paranoid thinking may sometimes have dreams that are characterized by intuitions and feelings of grandeur bordering on pure fantasy. In art or film, one might give flight to such fantasies or daydreams without disrupting everyday social reality, especially, if you can convince others to assume your version of an alternative social reality, albeit temporarily.

Arnellia’s to re-launch on Sept. 8, feature more live music

Arnellia’s to re-launch on Sept. 8, feature more live music

Arnellia's, which for years was one of the few area venues to regularly feature live R&B, blues and jazz, is looking to return to its live music roots.

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