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Sep 03rd

Premonition dooms colleagues in high body-count horror flick

Premonition dooms colleagues in high body-count horror flick Fair warning: Final Destination 5 is a relentlessly-gruesome horror flick of no redeeming value which splatters loads of blood and guts virtually right in your face courtesy of the genre’s best 3-D special effects since Piranha. Provided you have a strong stomach and an appetite for such gratutous gore, this high attrition-rate affair does knock off its characters in shocking, scream-inducing fashion.
As the film unfolds, we are introduced to 25 employees of Presage Paper Corporation preparing to spend the weekend together at a corporate retreat. Among the motley ensemble is Sam (Nicholas D’Agosto) who is considering leaving the company to pursue his dream of becoming a chef in Paris where he has just been offered an internship at a 5-star restaurant.

The Deal, the Dance and the Devil

The Deal, the Dance and the DevilThe Deal, the Dance and the Devil, is the name of the new novel by veteran author Victoria Christopher Murray, and one of her most mind-bending concepts to date. Quite like the title illustrates, the story definitely charts the development of a pickle no individual would ever want to go through when dealing with the struggle for wealth and power in the dawn of this horrid recession. As the story unfolds, the reader realizes that when it comes to standing in faith, sometimes temptation becomes the hardest part of the journey.

“Don’t quit when you’re three feet from gold,” Murray shares about the message in the book, “If only the couple and others would stay the course—wait one more month, they’d actually get to where they’re going. For me the message was simple after I wrote it, no matter what you’re going through, you can get through anything with God.”

Erica Gluck and Young Marqus

Erica Gluck and Young MarqusThe youth engine is chugging along in full steam when it comes to today’s rising stars and their ascent towards success in entertainment. For two dramatically diverse talents, Erica Gluck and Young Marqus, it has been their skill set that has demanded such an attention from audiences worldwide and has them both cornering the market as today’s next to blow-in the entertainment industry.

At all of 12 years old, Gluck got her start doing commercials for companies like Target. But, it was a role on the hit sitcom The Game as the character ‘Brit Brat’ which made her a household name.

Between seasons, Gluck set her sights on conquering the world of entertainment on a larger platform. A role alongside Paula Patton and Keifer Sutherland in a film entitled Mirrors helped her stretch her abilities. She also had the opportunity to play little sister to Nick Cannon in the film American Son.

Segregation era saga explores unquestioned socialite-maid relationships

Segregation era saga explores unquestioned socialite-maid relationships Kathryn Stockett made an auspicious debut in 2009 with the publication of The Help, a poignant period piece examining the unquestioned relationships of entitled, white socialites and their deferential Black maids in Mississippi. Although the story is set in the author’s hometown of Jackson in the early Sixties, her best-selling novel is more fictional than autobiographical in nature.
The screen adaptation unfolds from the point of view of Aibileen Clark (Viola Davis), a long-suffering nanny left bone-weary by a life spent “lookin’ after white babies.” Born in 1911, she is currently raising little Mae Mobley Leefolt (Emma and Eleanor Henry), a recent addition to a prominent Southern family.

Prequel to fabled franchise again pits primates against people

Prequel to fabled franchise again pits primates against peopleRise of the Planet of the Apes is the seventh installment in the fabled Fox franchise which began way back in 1968 with the legendary Charlton Heston as the leading man. This episode stars James Franco as the protagonist of an origins adventure dedicated to explaining exactly how an antagonistic army of anthropomorphic primates came into existence. 

The film unfolds in present-day San Francisco where we find Dr. Will Rodman (Franco) working feverishly on a cure for Alzheimer’s at Gen Sys, a prominent biotech corporation. Besides having an altruistic concern for the general welfare of victims of the disease, the dedicated scientist also has a personal stake in the research, since his father (John Lithgow) has recently started showing signs of senility.


Much Obliged

Much ObligedMary J. Blige -  “The Help” Interview

Mary J. Blige wrote and recorded an original song for the soundtrack of The Help a film, which takes places in Mississippi in the early Sixties. Based on the best-seller of the same name by Kathryn Stockett, the movie chronicles the emotional journey of three very different women who embark on a secret writing project breaking societal rules and thereby putting themselves at risk. 
Here, Blige, a six-time Grammy Award-winner, talks about what inspired her to compose the The Living Proof. 

(i am) Isis

(i am) IsisIt was a night of lights, camera, and Spoken Word at the Loft Literary Center on 10th and Washington as it opened the doors for Mshale, an African Community Newspaper/Organization, to celebrate its 15th Anniversary in print and love.

The evening brought out an array of talented Spoken Word artists and singers, who throughout the night took turns belting out poetry and anecdotes that expressed everything from self-discovery to a overcoming of prejudices. Antoine Duke, Hersi the Poet, Tish Jones, and Fabulous Fe were among some of the highlights that evening.
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