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Aug 27th

Concert brings hope & inspiration

Concert brings hope & inspiration A modest crowd filled Sabathani’s Auditorium Sunday afternoon on June 12 to hear some of the Twin Cities finest performers all while supporting Sabathani in a fund raising effort to help North Minneapolis families in recovery following the May 22 tornado that ripped homes and lives apart in a single afternoon.

Shiloh Temple International Ministries Choir opened the show with some powerful gospels numbers that set the tone for the entire evening. Most, Ray Covington and Ava Brown and an a cappella selection by Thomasina Petrus. Spoken word artist KimberLove and words of inspiration from Bishop Richard Howell, Shiloh Temple International Ministries, reminded everyone to keep their heads toward heaven and move on by faith.  Dance groups Mexica Yolotl and Folklorico dazzled the audience adorned in bright colors, shells, tall feathers and bells. The show wrapped up with Terry Ann Nash, director of Diversity Alive! Kevin Nash, Terry Ann Nash’s son, brought the house to their feet in thunderous applause as he closed with Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.”

The “HawthoRNe” Interview: The latest data on Jada

The “HawthoRNe” Interview: The latest data on JadaJada Pinkett Smith stars as Christina Hawthorne in TNT’s medical drama Hawthorne. In the role of Chief Nursing Officer at James River Hospital, Christina is forced to juggle the roles and subsequent relationships that are demanded of her as a professional, mother, friend and love interest. Jada notably serves as Executive Producer on the show through Overbrook Entertainment following her initial foray into the role of Executive Producer of the The Secret Life of Bees starring Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah and Dakota Fanning.
The film captured hearts and went on to win two NAACP Image Awards along with two People’s Choice Awards. More recently, Jada produced the global blockbuster The Karate Kid starring her son Jaden. Beyond the medium of film and TV, Jada together with her husband Will Smith and record industry mogul Jay-Z, produced the three-time Tony Award-winning musical Fela which went on to enjoy a run in London at the National Theatre.

“The Injustice Files” Interview: Brother Beauchamp on still investigating unsolved lynchings

“The Injustice Files” Interview: Brother Beauchamp on still investigating unsolved lynchingsAward-winning filmmaker, Keith Beauchamp found his calling while making his first documentary about Emmett Louis Till, the 14-year-old Black boy who was abducted and tortured to death in August of 1955 for allegedly whistling at a white woman. The suspects subsequently arrested for the lynching were all acquitted by an all white jury.
That heart-wrenching story of a young boy, beaten, shot, and thrown in a river, ignited the early civil rights movement. Decades later, the case was re-opened by the FBI because Keith Beauchamp uncovered new information in the course of his research for The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till.
Bolstered by his ability to connect with potential witnesses who otherwise might not come forward in communities where such Civil Rights crimes have occurred, Beauchamp has become a passionate advocate for survivors seeking justice for victims and has assisted the FBI by developing new leads for some of the still unsolved cases from this shameful troubled chapter in American history.

Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil It takes something undoubtedly special to leave ones jaw on the floor, and usher their eyes into pure astonishment. And such is the recurring reaction of anyone who dares to venture into the blue and yellow tent tucked in the parking lot that sits across the street from the Mall of America. The culprit behind such wowing and amazement—Cirque du Soleil, and since their newest show opened on May 26th, the conversation on everyone lips has simply been “OVO.”

I Can Finish College

I Can Finish College“Almost half of the students who get into college do not graduate… Students who succeed have what is known as Emotional Intelligence. This means that they are resilient and know how to face obstacles, manage time, take advantage of resources, build networks, become self-aware, become self-confident, learn from every experience, focus on personal aspirations, and take responsibility for themselves…
You can succeed and finish college if you learn how these institutions work and how they can work for you. This book is meant to help you do just that. The goal is your graduation.”  - Excerpted from the Introduction (pg.7)

Intriguing documentary revisits To Kill a Mockingbird

Intriguing documentary revisits To Kill a MockingbirdHey, Boo - Film Review

In 1961, Harper Lee, an unknown white woman from a small town in Alabama, won a Pulitzer Prize for her groundbreaking novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. Released at the height of the African-American struggle against Jim Crow segregation, the book played a pivotal role in raising the country’s awareness of racism while simultaneously serving to shame the South about its disgraceful legacy of lynching, oppression and discrimination.

A couple of years later, the screen adaptation of the best seller earned several Academy Awards, including Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Actor. Gregory Peck delivered his career performance as Atticus Finch, an attorney defending a Black man unfairly accused of rape.

Mississippi Mass Choir set to tour South Africa

Mississippi Mass Choir set to tour South AfricaThe award winning Mississippi Mass Choir will once again “Go ye into all the world;” evangelizing in song; with a tour of South Africa. Hosted by the I Can Foundation, the tour will take place June 9-20 and included services in Johannesburg, New London, Hazyview, and Pretoria.

According to Dr. David Molapo, chairman and co-founder of the I Can Foundation, “We are looking forward to hosting the world renowned Mississippi Mass Choir in the Motherland. Over the years their music has made an impact in the lives of many South Africans. We believe that this ministry tour will spread a message of hope and be life transforming for all involved.”
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