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Nov 28th

Widower Falls for Empathetic Author in Atmospheric Romance Drama

Widower Falls for Empathetic Author in Atmospheric Romance DramaThe Eclipse

Michael Farr (Ciaran Hinds) is a recent widower who has resigned himself to raising his 10 and 14 year-old kids alone. The grieving clan lives along Ireland’s seacoast in a verdant, fog-enshrouded town whose only claim to fame is hosting an annual literary festival.

Schoolteacher Michael picked a practical profession, putting his dream of becoming a writer on hold in order to be able to provide for his family. However, he still harbors the hope of one day pursuing his true passion. Meanwhile, the only brushes he enjoys with the publishing industry is when he works as a volunteer at the aforementioned festival.


Academy Award-Winner in the House!

 Academy Award-Winner in the House!Mo’Nique
The “Spread the Love Tour” Interview

Mo’Nique collected a basketful of Supporting Actress accolades over the course of the awards season for her gripping portrayal of Mary Jones, the relentlessly-monstrous mother in Precious. The versatile comedienne/actress/talk show host’s powerful performance not only earned her a Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, NAACP Image, Sundance Film Festival, BAFTA and Independent Spirit Award, but was recognized as the best of 2010 by most critics’ guilds as well. Still, the icing on the cake arrived no March 7th when the talented sister won a well-deserved Academy Award.
Here, in the first interview I’ve ever conducted which actually brought me to tears, Mo’Nique reflects upon a variety of subjects, ranging from family to spirituality to surviving incest to what winning the Oscar means to her. And she also talks about “Spread the Love,” the standup comedy victory tour during which she’ll be making stops in 20 cities around the country between now and the end of May.

Book Review: Killing Willis: From Diff’rent Strokes to the Mean Streets To the Life I Always Wanted

Book Review: Killing Willis: From Diff’rent Strokes to the Mean Streets To the Life I Always Wanted


“All I ever wanted as a kid was to be a famous TV star... My dream came true when I was lucky enough to land the role of Willis Jackson on ‘Diff’rent Strokes.’ I thought I had it made, and for a little while, I did. But I didn’t know God had other plans for me.”
-- Excerpted from the Preface (pg. 1)

“What you talking ‘bout, Willis” was Gary Coleman’s character’s signature catchphrase on “Diff’rent Strokes” which millions of viewers kept tuning in to hear every week over the course of the cursed TV show’s eight-year run from 1978 until 1986. I say the sitcom was cursed because of the well-publicized host of woes which would be visited upon the trio of child actors who starred on the program.

Inspirational tale featuring Sandra Bullock’s oscar-winning performance arrives on DVD

What is it about the holiday season and heartwarming tales revolving around an orphan who’s miraculously saved by some selfless act of charity? 2009’s contribution to the tried-and-true genre was The Blind Side, a real-life story based on Michael Lewis’ best seller of the same name.  
Superficially, the picture’s plot resembles the typical, Cinderella-themed sports saga with a fairy tale ending. After all, it chronicles the gridiron exploits of Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) as he pursues a dream of playing pro football from high school through college en route to a promising NFL career which, by the way, he has just begun this season with the Baltimore Ravens.

Ida Dances with Irv: A Smooth exploration of the Harlem Renaissance

 Ida Dances with Irv: A Smooth exploration of the Harlem RenaissanceOne of the Twin Cities favorite jazz masters, Irv Williams (“Mr. Smooth”) and the Irv Williams Quartet, will appear alongside centenarian choreographer/dancer Ida Arbeit and the Kairos Dance Theatre company, Sunday, April 18, 4 pm, at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis.

Book review: SistahFaith: Real Stories of Pain, Truth and Triumph

Book review: SistahFaith: Real Stories of Pain, Truth and Triumph“The women in this book have come a long way to meet you. Some of them write under a new name to protect their families. Others speak in their own name to save their lives... As you read these stories, be comforted if you are afflicted. Be clothed with the robe of many colors, the garment of praise. Walk with us on a journey past hurt, past shame, past rejection. A journey straight to the heart of God.”

Grieving father’s bitterness softened by posthumous visit to Japan

Grieving father’s bitterness softened by posthumous visit to JapanDaniel Holder’s (Ben Guillory) dad perished during World War II while serving in the U.S. military on the Pacific Front. This makes it easy to understand why he might have had misgivings about his own son Mickey’s (Victor Grant) taking a job teaching English in Kochi Prefecture, a rural section of Japan. Between Mickey’s hurtful decision to relocate to the Land of the Rising Sun and the physical distance from the father he left behind in San Francisco that necessitated, this sorry state of eventually led to their estrangement.
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